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2023 trends to boost your Spotify Stream

2023 trends to boost your Spotify Stream

 In 2022, we shared our ultimate tips to gain Spotify Stream. For this new coming year, we provide further tips to take advantage of trends for your music career. To boost your stream, it’s time to define what trends could benefit your music career. Here are our 4 advanced practices to expand your Spotify stream. 

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4 practices to increase your Spotify Stream

Creating a Spotify artist playlist 

Talking about getting more Spotify streams, Spotify playlists feature can be an effective tool for artists to reach their desired number of streams. Let’s create your Spotify Artist Playlist with an SEO strategy. A tip you can try is simply naming your playlist with a trending topic or adding trending sound to it to increase its popularity. However, remember to link your music with relevant trends that match your branding and music.

To learn more, check out our review on how you can optimize Spotify Artists Playlist and our tips to increase your visibility through SEO on Spotify

Leveraging your music through TikTok Sound 

TikTok is currently the leading social media platform, with over 120 million monthly active users. For artists, it’s not only a social media platform, it can turn a song into a global hit and make an independent artist a star overnight.

One of the most popular trends on TikTok is the soundtrack challenge; there are many ways you can leverage your music with it. For example, you can follow Doja Cat by using her Say So to create a dance challenge. 

If you want to understand more about how TikTok songs can help your Spotify performance, check out our article review about the TikTok-to-Spotify pipeline

Release different versions of your songs 

Besides the usual streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, many people listen to and discover music industry through Youtube and TikTok. 

We notice a growing trend from both Youtube and TikTok is the rise of slow version and speed-up versions of a song. Many artists were able to gain traction by simply having a speed-up or slow version of their current song. For instance, Stacey Ryan gained almost 7M streams on Spotify simply by adding a speed-up version to her existing song “Fall In Love Alone”. On top of that, it did wonder to also gain more streams to her original song. 

With the popularity of the different versions, you can invite your potential audience to visit your Spotify and boost the stream. 

Utilize social ads for your releases

To fasten the discovery phase for your listener and push them to stream your song, promoting your music through running social ads is the best way to do so. Even Spotify understands this and releases an ad platform to help increase streams, check out our review of Spotify Ads Studio

Nevertheless, social ads are no longer a tool for big labels to use; independent artists can now easily access and run social ads through platforms like Base For Music where we help you run ads as easy as one-click. 

At Base For Music, we help artists increase their Spotify streams by exposing their music strategically via multi-marketing channels. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate sponsored ad campaigns across popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

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