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3 Best Practices To Prepare Before Running Spotify Ads

3 Best Practices To Prepare Before Running Spotify Ads

Spotify Ads can be a great tool as they often bring instant results by boosting your stream and visibility to the target audience. However, your fan journey doesn't stop at the ads - they will search more about you, so it's vital for you to stay ready to “be discovered”. Forgetting about this can be a wasted budget and an opportunity for you to gain a new fan.

Besides targeting the right audience, to ensure your ads budget is optimised, here are 3 practices you should prepare for the discovery phase of your “potential fans”. In case you’re not that familiar with the tool, learn more through our extensive review of Spotify Ads.

Why do you need to prepare before launching Spotify Ads? 

As we mentioned, your listeners’ journey is not simply stopping at your ads and suddenly becoming your followers. The journey is much longer than that when it requires consistent effort to attract your fan. 

In simple words, a fan journey refers to a listener's multiple activities with your brand on social media. Through your Spotify Ads, the audiences would either directly click on your account or search for your name to know more about you. 

Then, this is a crucial moment to decide whether those audiences will become your fan or not. Therefore, you need to give them a reason why they should continue to listen to your music and become your fans. Here are what you should prepare to welcome your “upcoming fans”.  

If you find the “fan journey” concept on Spotify interesting, we will have a blog to discuss it intensely. Stay tuned and sign-up for our newsletter! 

3 practices before doing your Spotify Ads: 

Optimize your Spotify for Artists Account

Spotify for Artist is a specialised tool to help you legitimate yourself as an artist with Spotify users. But not only you are the one artist on Spotify, so how can the audiences love your brand at first sight among thousands of artists who also run ad campaigns the same as you? 

The very first key is doing your artwork! Let’s update the image representing your aesthetic to describe yourself. You also need to update your bio and your social media links to open more chances of “being explored” by your potential fan. The bio should speak up for your passion, your music path and your accomplishments. 

When an audience visits your profile, it also increases your chance to promote your whole track organically. Therefore, you should set an “Artist Pick” feature to spotlight your top songs, your next show or your artist playlists. This tool will appear at the top of your profile, so keeping updated regularly is a good way to drive the attention of your visitors. 

Remembers that your profile should always be ready to welcome the audience. Make sure it can expose your brand and speak up for your music. To learn more about how to optimise your account, check out our review about Spotify for Artists. 

Stay regularly updated on multi-platforms 

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Will you follow a profile having a song with no bio, rarely posts and the latest post since 2019? 

Your online presence is probably spread across many platforms - your Spotify account, your website, and your social media. And if an audience likes your brand, they will find your information on multiple platforms before becoming your fan. 

So it is important to stay active on your social platforms and connect with your fans. This is a simple way to build relationships with your audiences and show your brand to your “upcoming fans” effectively. 

With your new releases, you can push out promotional content such as count-down series, behind-the-scenes of your music production, friends’ reactions, or drop a trailer of your new music. Besides, you can also share your daily stories or your images to keep in touch with your fans. 

Pitch for Spotify Editorial Playlist 

After you are well-prepared for your steady plan; it’s time to pitch with Spotify Curators. With being playlisted on Spotify, you can effectively support your latest launch and grow your popularity in multiple ways besides running ads. 

However, there are over 60,000 tracks pitched to the Spotify Team every day; make sure you submit your pitch at least 7 days before your release day. It will increase the chance for your music to appear on the Radar Release of your followers. 

If you want to learn more about this process, check out our article about how to get on the Spotify Release Radar playlist and how to send a perfect pitch for Spotify Curator.  

The journey to gain your desired result needs your effort and investment. Spotify Ads play a role in boosting your visibility by bringing your music to the listeners’ ears. But your consistent effort will decide whether they will become your fan. 

If you’re going to run Spotify Ads along with other advertising platforms, Base for Music will be a great choice to optimise your campaign. We help the artist to reach their fan base by generating sponsored campaigns on multiple platforms, such as Spotify, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube.

With us, you can access your campaign easily and simply keep track through a single dashboard instead of jumping between dashboards. 

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