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3 Practices To Trigger The Spotify Algorithm

3 Practices To Trigger The Spotify Algorithm

Many artists have been earning breakout achievements with the help of the Spotify Algorithm. The algorithm is known for its spot-on music recommendations, which help artists gain thousands of streams as quickly as overnight. Hence, lots of artists identified it as a key to shortening the road to their success.  

But the question is, “How do you - as an independent artist - capture Spotify’s algorithm among the crowd?”. Here are 3 practices that help you create a buzz for your music using Spotify Algorithms. But first, let’s cover the basics of the Spotify Algorithm. 

What Is Spotify Algorithm?

Spotify Algorithm is named BART (short for Bandits for Recommendations as Treatments). It has one simple mission: to suggest the songs that Spotify users are most likely to listen to following their music tastes, moods and language. The algorithm is built to enhance the user experience, which prolongs their time on the app - making it vital to curate the right song for the right people. If you feel this concept is still unfamiliar, learn more through our extensive guide on Spotify Algorithms.   

How does the Spotify Algorithm work? 

With massive data from 422 million users, BART can effectively take note of the audiences’ activity (listening habits, history and similar user behaviours) to personalize its recommendations for each user.

For instance, if A and B have the same music taste, chances are high that BART will recommend B’s song choice to A and vice versa. 

3 Practices To Trigger Spotify Algorithm 

Release music regularly.

The key to getting the Spotify algorithm’s attention is to stay consistent with your Spotify activity. The simple way to do it is to post your music regularly with a proper schedule. Through this posting habit, you’re showing effort to build a good profile for your music. 

Being a good profile, you’re sending good signals to Spotify Algorithm to recommend your songs to new listeners. Simply put, if you are the Spotify Algorithm, would you want to promote an account that rarely posts or one posts consistently? Therefore, if you’re going to stand out as an artist, especially in front of the algorithm, this is the way to do it.

Share your works 

Sharing your work is an easy way to trigger Spotify’s algorithm. The logic behind this is the more you share your pieces through multiple platforms. The more people come to your account and interact with your music. 

Indeed, relevant traffic plays a significant role here as you can be strategic in where you should put your Spotify tracks to attract the right traffic, which results in an algorithm recommendation. 

Spotify Algorithm Playlists

The most effective way to approach your target audience is by placing your song on relevant playlists. You can share your work through Spotify’s user-curated playlists or pitch to Spotify Curators to expose your visibility to Spotify Algorithm. If the pitching process confused you, check out our guidelines to be playlisted on Spotify.

Start by researching what playlists match your music, preparing a pitch and submitting it to the curators. Make sure to choose the right playlists with similar music genres, moods and target audiences to your music. By doing this, you create relevant traffic to trigger Spotify Algorithm to push your track to the right audiences.

Social Media 

Sharing on social media can help you gain consistent traffic to your profile/track. It can be as simple as attaching your Spotify link on social media to introduce your track or making a series on TikTok about your song’s production. 

From those increasing user engagement and traffic, the Spotify algorithm will see your music is worth recommending to new and relevant listeners. We will soon have an article on how to promote yourself on social media, sign-up for our newsletter for the earliest access. 

Promote your music 

Music promotion is one of the keys to using Spotify’s algorithms. By running ads for your music, you can earn more streams and followers, effectively giving notice to the Spotify Algorithm. 

The better music engagement you gain, the better the algorithm will be able to learn the listeners’ patterns and behaviour to bring more fans to your account. With good Spotify Ads, you can gain your desired music results and fasten your music career path. If you’re interested in music promotion on Spotify, check out our review about Spotify Ads

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