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3 Tips To Boost Your Merch Sales on Spotify

3 Tips To Boost Your Merch Sales on Spotify

As Spotify always claims, music and merch are better together. However, when it comes to artists and merch, a strong fanbase is everything. Therefore, Spotify Merch is only relevant for established artists who already have lots of supporters for their careers. However, if you are a new artist, you can use Base For Music to build your fanbase. Nevertheless, here are 3 tips to boost your merch sales based on Spotify data. 

What is Spotify Merch? 

It is an artist’s online store where you can sell merch such as T-shirts, vinyl, and cassette tapes. To open your online store, you must install the Spotify for Artist app in the Shopify Store and register for Shopify Plan to activate your store.   

How does Spotify Merch benefit your music career? 

Grow your business

When we’re talking about business, it comes down to profit. With Spotify Merch, the artists can grow their online store through a virtual merch table. By pinpointing three items on their verified profile, they can increase their merchandise’ legitimation and better promote it through their fame. 

Besides, it is also an excellent medium for Spotify users to support their idols conveniently. When listening to your music, they can actively keep track of your profile and buy your merch with some clicks. It also provides worldwide shipping to ensure your store won’t be limited by any location. 

3 Tips to boost your revenue through Spotify Merch: 

Choosing the right time

When it comes to business, timing is the key point. According to Spotify databases, the weekend is the best time to boost your sales volume. You can expect your store with 18.4% more clicks from Friday to Sunday. 

Another aspect to notice is seasonality. For example, audiences are more likely to buy outerwear in the winter than in summer and vice versa. So, every time you plan to drop your merchandise, ensure that you choose the right products at a proper season to maximize your sales traffic!

Drop your merch with your new release 

To get the best of both worlds, many artists are dropping the merch with their new releases. It is a simple way to boost their merch click spike by taking advantage of their music exposure. Based on Spotify Fan Study, more than half of all merch clicks come in the first 24 days after a new release. 

Therefore, when you plan to launch your merch, you can capitalize on your release momentum. 

If you are in the middle of your new release planning, our article on Spotify’s new release schedule may help you promote your new music effectively. Check it out! 

Running Spotify Ads

Before gaining any profit, you must invest in it first! The simple logic is that the more you promote your merchandise, the more chance your sale volume will increase. Therefore, it is vital to expand your merch visibility and approach your target audience using ads. 

Advertising on Spotify will be an effective way to promote your merch to attract more potential “customers” in a short time. Also, the fact that both Spotify Ads and Spotify Merch are under the same platform would shorten your customer journey due to how convenient it is to buy merch on Spotify. To know more about the advertising platform, check out our review of Spotify Ads.  

In the end, Spotify Merch is an exclusive feature for Spotify’s artists to help them earn a better income. In fact, it will be more effective with established artists with a loyal fanbase to support their selling activities. 

However, don’t be discouraged if you are a new player in this music game. The journey to building a fanbase requires consistent efforts to capture the love and stay connected with your audiences. If you’re confused and don’t know where to start, allow Base for Music to be your first step. 

At Base For Music, we help artists grow their fanbase by exposing their brand strategically via our product - Spotify Engagement. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate sponsored ad campaigns across popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

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