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3 Tips To Increase Your Spotify Popularity Index Score

3 Tips To Increase Your Spotify Popularity Index Score

The popularity index (PI) is one of the crucial elements to drive a song to the top playlists and trigger the Spotify Algorithm. As an artist, you always want to send a good signal to the Spotify Team by gaining a high SPI. But how do you optimize your popularity index score? Here're 3 tips to help you with your Spotify Algorithm push.

In case you have yet to learn why Spotify Popularity Index links to your music career, check out our explanation of why SPI matters to win ahead of the Spotify Algorithm

How does Spotify’s popularity track your music?  

Here are the criteria that Spotify Team uses to check your song performance based on the user’s listening habits and listening history

  • The frequency at which your audience repeats listening to your songs. 
  • Your song skip rated
  • Your high follower-to-listener ratio
  • Your save-to-stream ratio 
  • Your songs being added to playlists
  • Your song-sharing rate elsewhere online. 

Remember, there are 80 million songs in their library! If you aren’t well-prepared for your music release, your song will lose the chance to be discovered. You must show the Spotify algorithm that your music is worth promoting! Here are 3 tips to help you gain your maximum stream and boost your score in front of the Spotify Popularity Index. 

Before jumping into the tips, you need to check your SPI first, so here’s our ultimate guideline article

3 Tips To Increase Your Spotify Popularity Index

Stay proactive with your release 

The best time to monitor your SPI is the first launch weeks! Therefore, you should stay proactive with your release. Having a detailed plan with a clear timeline can help your song gain more appeal as best as possible! The strategy here is not only about choosing a good time to upload your piece on Spotify and simply share it on social media. To learn what practices can boost the score for your new release, check out our 3-week guide for a successful launch


Boost your song’s visibility with playlists 

For every question about increasing stream as well as popularity range, Spotify playlist is always one of the top answers. No matter what type of playlist you plan to get into, your playlists or Spotify ones, your song sends a positive signal to the Spotify Team. 

When you boost your SPI by creating an artist playlist and pitching for Spotify-curated playlists, your song will have more plus points during the release time. Make sure you choose the relevant playlists to approach the right Spotify users. Besides, if you want to explore more, read our extensive guide to Spotify playlisting

Remembers to optimize your playlist with SEO strategy so your playlist can appear right away on your target audience’s journey. Check out our SEO tips for your Spotify playlist and our ultimate guidelines for creating your artist playlist

Investing in Spotify Ads 

The most effective way to boost your SPI is by advertising on Spotify. When you invest in Spotify Ads, you can spread your popularity range quickly by sending your music to a broader group of potential audiences. There are 236 million free users on Spotify, and your music will appear as a part of their listening journey. By that, you can gain more quality engagement and naturally grow your fanbase. To know more, check out our blog about the Spotify Ads campaign

If you are looking for an easy way to boost your Spotify Popularity Score, let Base For Music be your simple solution. At Base For Music, we boost the artists’ popularity range by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences - eventually, this helps to increase your SPI to start to trigger the Spotify Algorithm. 

Start your campaigns through a simplified dashboard across popular advertising platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. For SPI improvement, you can try our Spotify Engagement!

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