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4 Easy SEO Tips For Your Spotify Account

4 Easy SEO Tips For Your Spotify Account

Are you a musician who’s looking for a way to promote your music on Spotify? If so, SEO strategy will be an effective key to unlocking your goal. With a good SEO Spotify strategy, you can boost your music’s presence and appear at the top of the result page when the audience search. So, let us discuss our 4 SEO tips to activate your visibility on Spotify. 

What SEO means on Spotify? 

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is a process by that you can make your account and products more visible on the internet. It can be done using various techniques, such as writing content, adding keywords, and optimising your artist profile

When promoting your music on Spotify, you should pay attention to SEO, as it can help you increase your exposure. There are 2 features that SEO can effectively optimize your visibility are Spotify playlists and Spotify Artists account.

For example, when the audiences search for a love song on Spotify with the keywords of “love” or “romantic” and your playlist name has included those keywords. Then it will have more chances to appear on the top of suggestions. 

To know more, read our previous article about Spotify Artist Playlist. Or, if the phrase "Spotify Artist" is unfamiliar to you, learn more through our extensive review of Spotify Artist account. 

What you can expect from a good SEO strategy on Spotify? 

Taking about the best way to boost your music, people usually think about Spotify Ads. However, SEO Strategy is also effective organic marketing that you need to apply in your long-term music career path.  

There is a good chance that you will be "noticed" by the Spotify algorithm and shown to potential listeners if you have a good SEO strategy. From that, you can grow listenership and increase your chance of being seen. If you use the right words across your Spotify Artists profile, playlists, and songs, you can get the initial streams to your tracks that can launch your career. 

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SEO tips for artists on Spotify

Understanding your audiences 

The very first step to starting your SEO strategy is understanding your potential audience. This is a key to deciding whether your strategy can attract the audience or get “ignored” by them. Let's find out who are your potential listeners through our previous article about target audiences

Defining your music attribute clearly 

You should note that all of your music categories aren’t for the same occasions, emotions, and moments. While some songs you created are perfect for study and others would be better enjoyed for relaxation, for instance. 

Therefore, the second step to starting SEO on Spotify is understanding your music. By optimising your music attributes, you can fit your audience’s preferences as best as possible. Let's break down every song or album into its core attributes and use them to your benefit. 

Understanding the key differences within your song library is one of the critical points that you can make to improve your discoverability with Spotify SEO. From that, you can easily name your playlists and your new songs with the right keyword to appear on the first-page of Spotify research results. 

Optimizing "your discoverable range" on Spotify 

There are three ways you can "be discovered" by Spotify users. 

  1. Search 
  2. Spotify Playlist 
  3. Spotify featured 

In general, the search is the initial tool that the listeners usually start every time they want to explore the music. If you are a new artist, this tool will probably be the least significant for you. However, you can open the key of this search term if you follow the tips:  

  • Name your playlist titles with popular keywords or trending topics. Your playlist flow should follow a mood or moment-based to increase your placement on the search result page. 

For example, the Bloody Mary of Lady Gaga is trending again due to the viral Wednesday Netflix show. Therefore, if your playlist has a gothic vibe, you can add this song and name your playlist as “Wednesday Get Ready Playlist”. 

  • To optimize your visibility on Spotify, you need to have a clear brand image around your music. Update the artwork representing your brand, and your playlist’s vibe to attract your audiences from first sight.

Similar to the example above, you can add the image of the Wednesday actress and update your description related to your playlist’s vibe or simply put the famous lines of the movie. 

However, no one is happy when they click on “Wednesday Playlist”, and then they get fooled by songs that don’t match the same vibe, like Love Story or Waka Waka. So, keep in mind that every trendy topic needs to be relevant to your music and branding as well.

Promoting your Spotify profile 

Your Spotify Artist account is like your CV, it reflects you and your music. Make a checklist and work through the below to ensure your Spotify profile is as good as possible.

  • Do you have an image representing your brand?
  • Is your bio up to date and well-written?
  • Have you added links to your social media platforms?
  • Have you created your artist playlists of songs?

In the end, the final goal of this strategy is to increase your visibility by including specific keywords that will trigger the algorithms to recommend your songs to users. 

In general, this strategy can bring you long-term benefits for your whole music career path. Although, it does require your continuous effort to update the music market and propose plans for your next music activities to boost your visibility. Hence, if you want to gain traffic and streams in a shorter period, Base for Music can be your solution. 

At Base For Music, we help artists attract the Spotify Algorithm by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate your sponsored campaigns across popular social platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. Try our Spotify Engagement to boost your visibility!

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