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5 Best Practices To Make Spotify Audio Ads

5 Best Practices To Make Spotify Audio Ads

In the previous article about 3 tips to make your audio ads attractive, we discussed the importance of quality audio ads toward your Spotify Ads performance. With quality audio content, your campaign is more likely to capture the listener’s attention. 

But how to spark their interest with some sentences in a short period? Let’s review our extensive guidelines to make your audio ads stand out and target the right audience. To learn more about the tool, read our review about Spotify Ads

Besides, to ensure your campaign is on the right track, check out our article about 4 mistakes artists usually make when running Spotify Ads.

Step-by-step for your compelling audio script 

You must remember that people open Spotify to enjoy music or podcasts. And they don’t intend to purchase your merchandise or find out more about your brand automatically. Thus, your primary task is to capture their attention in the first 3-5 seconds and evoke their intention. To do that, you need a strong script that includes: 

Clear structure

A strong script is short and impactful one. However, being short doesn’t mean just putting in some random message and expecting it to work.  

Here is an example outline to help you break down the words: 

  • Opening (8%): A friendly greeting or question. Just imagine what you say to get people’s attention when you see your new friend. 
  • Intro (15%): Introduce yourself and your song name. 
  • Benefit (50%): Tell your song story. How significant it is to you, etc. 
  • Wrap (15%): A quick reminder of why your song is great with the audience. 
  • CTA (12%): A clear direction that could encourage your audience to click on your ads. 

There is no fixed structure that you must follow word by word. This is just a suggestion, and you can freely write your script based on your interests. However, you need to make sure it has a clear structure. 

Simple language 

Within 30 seconds, your message needs to be simple and straight to the point. Start with a clear outline and easy-to-understand language. Ensure the audience gets your point immediately when they hear your ads. 


In music marketing, it is essential to know your target audience. By identifying them, you will better understand who you are talking to and decide what compelling story you will tell. Putting yourself into their shoes also increases your chance of converting them into a fan. We will have an article discussing how to build a musical user persona. To get the first access, sign up for our newsletter. 

To learn more, check out our article about how to understand your target audience. 

Call-to-action message

A call-to-action needs to be specific, simple and aligned with your campaign objectives. In other words, your message needs to drive your audience to a particular action. Depending on your ad’s purpose, you can end your audio by: “Tap on my banner to visit my music career”, “To listen to the full track, tap on my image”, or “Click on my banner to have a 5% discount for my new album, etc.” 

Remember to attach your clickable link for listeners to tap and visit your Spotify account!

Test, test, and test.

The final step of every campaign is testing. However, not many people see it as an essential task, and some even do it in one go.

You can ask for some feedback from your friend. Try to ask them some questions like: “How do they feel when they listen to it?”, ”Is there any phrase that makes them misunderstand?” and “Can they guess the goal of your message?”

The journey to develop a compelling audio script requires time and effort. At Base For Music, we offer Automatic and Custom content audio as optimal options for your promotion plan. 

Moreover, we simplify running ads for musicians with a single dashboard. You can easily keep track of your music promotion on multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Spotify. 

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