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5 Tools For Spotify Promotion At Every Stage Of Your Career

5 Tools For Spotify Promotion At Every Stage Of Your Career

In our previous article on four tips to boost your Spotify streams, we mentioned how Spotify native tools and how you can grow within the platform. Here we give you extensive tools that are key essentials for your growth as an artist, at any stage in your career. 

Read our blog for further tips and understanding on Spotify mechanisms.

When you’re starting out:

  1. Be on Social platforms that fit your brand.

From very early on, you can start opting into fitting platforms into your plans. Creating fitting content isn’t about trying to create a viral moment, but rather how you create content around your audio’s fitting soundbites. And the effects roll out as you try and experiment with different types of content, from how-to's, to funny, relatable, or even thoughtful. 

You can also check out our tips on targeting the right audience for your music. Creating content and making music for social media is also an art in itself, the more you experiment, the outcome will show a rise in exposure. 

Other platforms you should take a look at are music blogs, or review websites such as Rate Your Music, All Music, This Song Is Sick,... can help you being introduced to their own audience base. This provides a leverage to your exposure and creates a strong buzz that these communities welcome your sound, and lead to an eventual following.

Getting yourself fluent on the right platform that fits you as a brand can be a huge boost in terms of creating genuine connection between you and your followers. We’ve explored this phenomenon in depth in our article about how TikTok famous musicians advance their career.

2. Perform Live

A savvy knowledge on how to navigate your presence is the most important skill to how you would like to present online, and before that, offline presence such as live shows and real community building work is required to boost yourself. 

Platforms like Goover, which helps you connect with industry professionals and for music festivals. Where you don’t have to single handedly make your own concerts, but instead opt for Open Mics, concerts that are fitting for your music genres. With opportunities like this, your name gets aligned with local acts, organizations that support your craft, and even industry professionals.  

From getting to experience your music live, the flock leading to streams will be apparent as the result is the conversion rate to your Spotify growth.


When you have a substantial following:

1. Spotify Marquee & Native Marketing Tools

Why should you use Spotify Marquee

  1. To present your release in a music-only platform 
  2. Lead your audience to your entire discography 
  3. Continuing the momentum lead by previous releases 
  4. Monitor the click-through rate of your audience throughout the campaign

Spotify Ads Studio and Playlist Push are important tools for beginners that Spotify introduces in exchange for their Freemium users, we have two separate articles talking about picking your right objectives and how to get on Spotify’s Curated Playlists here.


2. Email Marketing

Why? Email marketing is direct marketing

By having your following on social media and local following after your live shows, it's important to keep them in touch and show them that their presence is important to your growth. Community building and the opportunity to connect online in a more personalized way are the equivalent to the longevity of being able to connect with your audience when you play live shows.

Social media makes it hard to get your audience to focus or take action as it clutters with news from their personal the following list, advertisement that is reflective to their activities on these platforms. Which is why Email is inherently transactional, which is why the recipient is more likely to click through to stream your song or buy your merch. 


At any stage of your career: Music Promotion  

The most accessible tool at any stage in your career is a running music promotion campaign.  

One of the important tools that you can opt in, is running ads for your music using music promotion services like Base for Music - generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify

In our guide to music promotion we've explored the full range of work that artists have to take care of to get their name and work out there to the world, which clears up what is the work that is essential to you and how you can collaborate with promotion services like us to boost your online presence.

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