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A breakdown of the listener journey for your Spotify promotion

A breakdown of the listener journey for your Spotify promotion

In the previous blog about Spotify SEO Strategy, we discussed optimising your Spotify Artist Account to activate your visibility on Spotify. In simple terms, the critical purpose of SEO is to make your music discoverable in your audiences’ search engines. As a result, the ultimate goal is to maximise your online presence throughout your listener’s journey. 

Today, we will discuss the listener’s journey and find out opportunities for your music promotion to reach your target audience. Besides, we also provide 3 practices to help you stand out from the listener journey. 

In case you’re not confident with your chosen audiences, read our advice to target the right audience for your music

What is the listeners’ journey?

A listener journey is a detailed map of your audience which shows their entire experience with your music. It will provide a big picture of every interaction the audiences have with your Spotify account, music and ads before and after they engage. From that, you can make sure you won’t miss out on any chance to approach your audience throughout their journey.   

How does your audience discover your music?

The listener journey usually has 5 phases, including Discovery, Exploration, Purchase, Retention and Advocacy. Each step will come with different activities due to the various stages of the audience. For example, the Advocacy phase reflects a loyal fan’s behaviour. They would like to recommend your music, engage with your social media and attend your live show more than the ones in the Exploration phase, which only search for your information. 

Before nurturing your loyal fan, it is vital to approach them at the first stage - Discovery. It is an initial key to opening your promotional opportunities for further goals. 

The Discovery phase is the first point where your audience starts to know about you. As what it sounds like - it will describe all the possible ways that they can get your music. 

Put yourself in their shoes; how did you discover the new music? For some people, it could be from a Spotify playlist such as Release Radar or Today’s Top Hits, and some will find it through Home Page or Spotify Algorithm recommendations. Moreover, there are various touchpoints that can bring music to audiences, like friend sharing, social media and music blogs. 

You can’t control how the audiences will explore the music, but you can increase your discoverable chance by optimising your brand’s visibility throughout its journey. Let’s explore what practices can promote yourself effectively. 

3 Practices to promote your music throughout the listener journey 

Increasing your music discoverability could be your first goal, and you can expect more by following those practices. They optimise your Discovery stage and play a vital role in capturing them until the final phase of becoming your fanbase. 

Be proactive during your new release

Don’t be “lowkey” with your Spotify promotion; the optimal way to appear on the listener journey is to be proactive when your release is streamed on Spotify. It is not simply like you post your song and then waiting for the audience to search for it. For your latest music, you can pitch for the Spotify Curator Playlist, keep updated on social media, and pin your piece on your artist profile. 

Furthermore, your consistent actions can help your music be noticed by the Spotify algorithm and trigger it to recommend your song to the audience. If you want to know more about Spotify recommendations, check out our 3 practices to trigger Spotify Algorithm.  

Boosting your Spotify Artist Playlist with SEO Strategy  

As we mentioned earlier, the playlist is indispensable to the listener's journey. However, it will be a challenge when you create a playlist to approach their discovery journey. Thus, every time you make a playlist, let’s research the market trends and name them with trending keywords. It can help your playlist appear on the top result whenever the audience searches for a particular playlist. Besides you can also do a cross-promotion campaign by adding trending songs to boost your playlist popularity. Remember to make your trending playlist relevant to your music. 

If you are new to the phrase “Spotify SEO Strategy”, learn more from our 4 SEO tips for your Spotify Artist Profile. Or you want to know more about Spotify Artist Profile, check out our review Spotify Artist Profile.  

Investing in Spotify Ads

One of the best ways to engage with your audience is by running your music ads. When you invest in Spotify Ads, you can be a part of their listening journey and quickly expose your music to the target audiences. There is nothing more effective than you deliver your music to the right person; they are excited to explore your music and then join your fanbase. To learn more about this music marketing tool, check out our extensive review of Spotify Ads

The path to aside with your listener journey is a continuous process which requires your consistent efforts from both organic and paid promotion. As an artist, it might be too much pressure when you have to produce your music and promote it from A to Z. Therefore, let’s Base For Music ease your burden - we help artists to run their ads with one simple click.  

At Base For Music, we boost artists’ visibility throughout the listeners’ journey by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences. Besides, we can also expand your range to appear in the broader listener journey. We generate your sponsored campaigns through a simplified dashboard across popular social platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. Try our Spotify Engagement to expose your popularity on the Spotify platform. 

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