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A Comprehensive Comparison of TuneCore and Ditto Music: What Is For You?

A Comprehensive Comparison of TuneCore and Ditto Music: What Is For You? Shopify

A Comprehensive Comparison of TuneCore and Ditto Music: What Is For You?

TuneCore and Ditto Music both provide music distribution services through a pay-per-year subscription. While Ditto Music’s pricing is comparatively higher than TuneCore’s, what sets the two apart beyond this difference in cost?

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Pricing and Payment Structures



TuneCore offers a free plan for music distribution to artists, but they will take a 20% commission on streaming revenue. The Rising and BreakOut Artist plans offer fewer features compared to the Professional plan, which is the highest price option and includes all the necessary tools for a successful music career. 

If you want to take your music career to the next level of professionalism, you will have to go with their most costly plan, which is the Professional plan.

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Their price looks like this: 

  • New Artist: FREE
  • Rising Artist: $14.99/Year 
  • BreakOut Artist: $29.99/Year
  • Professional:  $49.99/Year

Ditto Music 

Ditto Music may have a higher price point compared to TuneCore, but it provides all the professional features across all its packages. This means that you get access to more tools that you might have to pay extra for with TuneCore. The Professional and Label plans are designed for multiple artists to distribute music together. Moreover, Ditto Music offers a 30-day free trial for the Artist plan, allowing you to try their service risk-free. 

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Their price looks like this: 

  • Artist Plan: $19/year 
  • Professional Plan: $29/year/2 artists
  • Label Plan: $69/year/5 artists

Distribution and Sales 

In terms of distribution and sales, TuneCore’s Free New Artist plan offers limited distribution to select streaming platforms and takes a 20% commission on music royalties. However, the Rising Artist, BreakOut Artist, and Professional Artist plan do not charge any commission on your streaming revenue. 

On the other hand, Ditto Music does not take any commissions on any of their plans, including the free 30-day Artist plan. Additionally, Ditto Music offers distribution to over 200 streaming platforms for all their plans 

Additional Features and Services 


TuneCore’s music publishing administration and monetization feature can be a great benefit for artists who want to manage their own publishing rights and earn more money from their music than just stream them. For a one-time fee of $75 and 15% commission, TuneCore will help you register your songs with the royalties collection and distribute your earnings directly to you.

This service can be particularly useful for independent artists who want to retain control over their music and earn royalties from all sources, including films, TV shows and games. By registering and collecting your royalties through TuneCore, you can ensure that you are getting paid.

Ditto Music

Ditto Music offers Music Publishing service and sync licensing for artists to monetize their music and gain exposure through TV and film placements. For a yearly fee of $49, Ditto Music will provide you with access to their publishing platform, where you can register your music, collect royalties and track your earnings. However, it is important to note that Ditto Music will take 10% of your music publishing royalties as a commission. Additionally, if your music is synced with TV or films, Ditto Music will take an additional 20% off the sync licensing fees. 

This feature will provide artists with an excellent opportunity to get their music featured. However, compared to TuneCore, Ditto Music service is a lot more expensive so if you are just a small independent artist, you should consider which one is suitable for you and your budget. 

User Experience and Support


While TuneCore generally receives positive reviews for their customer support and services, there are some limitations to their support options. For example, they do not offer instant chat support with a real human, which can be frustrating for artists who need quick assistance with their accounts or releases. Instead, TuneCore relies on a help support form, which can take some time to receive a response. This can be a disadvantage for artists who need urgent support or have time-sensitive questions about their music releases.

Attai from Great Britain posted on TrustPilot, March 04, 2023: 

I will advise artists to use a different distribution service. I published a song through them and after 2 months the song wasn’t on major platforms and efforts to reach out to them failed on deaf ears. Not even one reply to my email.”

Ditto Music 

Ditto Music offers customer support via email and phone number, but some users have reported frustration with the quality and speed of their responses. While Ditto Music’s customer service team is generally knowledgeable and helpful, they may not always provide the level of support that some artists require.

Abe from the US, posted this review on TrustPilot, March 02, 2023:

“Unbelievably poor support.

Raj contacted me about my last review and asked me to take the review down.
I told them I would if I got a direct phone number and better customer support. I was told they don’t offer phone support but that Raj would give me their direct email and then the chat was ended and I never got the email.
I still don’t get support. I have multiple threads open and no one ever replies. This company is a joke. Do not waste your money here.”


To conclude, choosing between TuneCore and Ditto Music ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of the artist. If you are a new and emerging artist looking to distribute your music on a wide range of streaming platforms, then Ditto Music may be the better choice due to its all-inclusive pricing and extensive distribution network. However, if you want to bring your music to a professional level and register them with royalties, then TuneCore’s comprehensive music publishing service may be more cost-effective in the long run. 

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