Base X Conflik Arts : Create your own merchandising

Base X Conflik Arts : Create your own merchandising

What is merchandising ?

Merchandising represents all the merchandising products created for the artist or his universe such as a particular album, a logo, a concert... Present on the online store of the artist, the merchandising products are also proposed for sale during concerts and festivals. 



        Examples of merch (Travis Scott with Cactus Jack)



What is the purpose of merchandising for artists?

Reinforce your visual universe

The items proposed for your merchandise, since they are in your effigy, correspond to the artistic universe that you give off through your music. It is therefore a way for you to insist on this universe through the visual. Beyond your videos, the merch is a complementary way to build a visual brand that is unique to you.

Reinforce the link with the fans

Merchandise products are adapted to the artist's fanbase. They are designed according to the age, lifestyle and interests of the audience. By wearing or consuming your merchandise, your fans feel even closer to you and your universe. Merchandise is ultimately a way to continue the relationship with your fans beyond the music.

Additional promotion

Merchandise is an excellent way to increase your visibility. Indeed, each merch item will be used by your fans who will make them visible to everyone. In the end, it is a visual word of mouth that emanates from your merchandise. Your fans become true ambassadors of your universe and extend the promotion of your art by themselves. 

Generate additional revenues

Of course, merch products represent an additional source of income. Cheap to produce, no inventory to manage, the business is very simple to set up and can quickly become profitable for an artist.


Which strategy to choose for merchandising?

Involve your fans

A product created by the fans, for the fans. This is in line with the point made above about the relationship with the public, which is reinforced in any merchandising operation. The participation of the fan reinforces his feeling of belonging to the artist. As JUL did for the cover of his last albums, ask your fans to propose their ideas for a logo or other visual that you will integrate into your merchandise. 

Stay consistent with your image

Your merchandise should reflect you. Not only should it show the visual elements of your universe, but the products themselves should be consistent with what you exude. For example, the smoke with the effigy of Booba's album "ULTRA" could not be proposed with the effigy of Angèle's albums.  So think carefully about the products you can market with your image, at the risk of degrading or biasing your image with your fans

Communicate on your social networks

For your merch to be successful, you must of course start by telling your fans about it. Communicate about it on your networks and organize contests through which you make your subscribers win your items. 



How to create your merchandising with Conflikt Arts ?

You want to create your own merchandising ? It's very simple with our partner Conflikt Arts ! Get a 5% discount on the whole store (except vinyl) with the code CONFLIKTXBASE5.

Specialized in CD and vinyl pressing, Conflikt Arts also offers a wide range of merch items to customize according to your artistic identity. 

From unique vinyl to lighters, t-shirts, stickers, personalized tote bags, flyers and other print posters, you will find everything you need to launch your own merch line.

Conflikt Arts is a team of passionate people, all coming from the music business. They will be able to understand your needs perfectly to offer you a fast, reliable and adapted service.

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