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Base x RekYou

Base x RekYou

 Looking for a recording studio? RekYou, the platform that connects artists and recording studios is there for you. Every independent musician goes through this phase at some point of his development, recording in a studio, and RekYou has understood that. On the other hand, it's quite difficult to find a studio when you don't know where to look, or when you don't have anyone to advise you. But RekYou is here to solve this problem. 


Let us guess: you've worked on your music thoroughly. The writing is precise, you're burning to finally put your lyrics on the crazy instrumentals we've prepared for you. But the home studio you've set up doesn't satisfy you anymore, you want to go to the next step and record in a studio?

But how do you find the perfect studio? That's where RekYou comes in. You log in to the platform, choose the parameters that will suit you best. First the city, then you have to indicate why you are looking for a studio, because there are several different options: recording, recording and mixing, recording without sound engineer, mixing, mastering. Once you have filled in all this, you just have to indicate the date you want to find a studio, then the duration of the session, you validate and the site offers you a selection of studios that match your search criteria.



All you have to do is choose the price that suits you best, and off you go for a recording session in professional conditions. The strength of RekYou is that it allows you to compare the different studios, especially the rates, and especially the possibility to book online in a simple and fast way. 


By greatly simplifying the process of finding a studio, RekYou greatly favors musical creation by relying on 2 factors: accessibility to the studio, but also security for the studio owners. Indeed, via a partnership with the insurance company La Maif, the sessions are insured up to 15 000€. Also, note that the payment is made before the session, to avoid "no shows". 


But the advantages offered by RekYou do not stop there. You all have different needs, that's why by using the platform, you have different possibilities. One of the most interesting things is to book a session with a sound engineer. Of course it is not mandatory, but the presence of a sound engineer can make the difference! 



In the other possible options, we find the mastering. This is a complicated step when you start creating music. Mastering is the final step before the release of the project, where someone will make your sound as pure and qualitative as possible. But mastering a sound is something very technical and laborious, so the fact that RekYou offers it is a great advantage.


Among the available options, you can find the presence of a sound engineer, mastering, but also mixing without necessarily going through the recording, it's up to you. 

At Base for music, our mission is to bring your music to light, so partnering with RekYou to help you make your sound as professional as possible is only natural. For the occasion, RekYou is offering 15% off your first booking, with the code BASE4REKYOU. It's the perfect time to move from the bedroom to the recording studio.

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