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Base X Spinnup

Base X Spinnup


Created in Sweden then bought by Universal Music Group in 2012, Spinnup was created to discover new artists. Rapidly, the platform was deployed in major territories of the music industry such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Spinnup was thus able to meet the expectations of emerging artists, not signed to a label, who wanted to distribute their music worldwide through streaming platforms. In order to use these services, the artist must pay for the format he wants to distribute (single, EP or album) and receive in exchange 100% of his royalties. Many artists distributed by Spinnup have been identified and launched by Universal Music such as Maes or Asakura.

How to use it ?

Once the account is created, the platform offers several functions including "My releases" which allows you to see all the projects distributed through the platform but also to launch a new release. Once placed on the platforms, the "Stats" feature allows you to follow the performance of your releases but also the evolution of your fanbase on your social networks. Linked to the statistics of a release, the "Revenues" feature allows you to follow the royalties generated by your titles on the streaming platforms. The last feature called "My site" is a solution that facilitates the creation of a website through which you can fill in all the information related to your project.

With the code "CGRATOS", distribute for free the project of your choice (single, EP or album) via Spinnup during one year.


Base X Spinnup

If you wish to distribute your music, receive 100% of your revenues but also have the possibility to be spotted by Universal Music's teams, Spinnup is your ally. Once your project is distributed, it's at this stage that our platform intervenes in your process in order to reach new listeners. With a targeting adapted to your project and an optimised configuration according to the platform, digital advertising is today an accessible and efficient way to quickly get new listeners. Our two platforms are therefore at your disposal to ensure the evolution of your project.

With the code "CGRATOS", distribute for free the project of your choice (single, EP or album) with Spinnup during one year. 

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