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DistroKid Review: Does it worth the price?

DistroKid Review: Does it worth the price?

As the online music industry continues to evolve, artists now have a wealth of music distribution options to choose from. One such option is DistroKid, a popular platform for distributing independent music. In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of DistroKid's services, helping you determine whether it's the right choice for you and your music. 

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Price and the features of DistroKid

DistroKid is a pay-per-year music distribution service that offers unlimited distribution on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, and Amazon Music. Moreover, artists will be able to keep 100% earnings from their music. Currently, there are 4 options that DistroKid is offering:

Musician $19.99/year/artist 

This plan includes unlimited music distribution for one artist. Your music will be streamed on all of the famous platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music,... And you will be able to keep all of your earnings from the streams, DistroKid will not take any commissions from your music. Besides that, you will be provided verified checkmarks on those streaming platforms.

Musician Plus $35.99/year/2 artists 

The Musician Plus plan offers the same services as the Musician plan, but with the added benefit of unlimited music distribution for up to two artists. This makes it an excellent choice if you plan on releasing music under two different names or sharing the plan with a friend. In addition to these benefits, the Musician Plus plan includes more advanced features such as synced lyrics with Instagram and daily streaming statistics.

Furthermore, during the distribution process, you have the option to customize your label name and release date and use your own ISRC code. These features are not available in the Musician plan and can provide added value to your music distribution efforts since you will be more in control and engaging in the process.

Label Plan starts from $79.99/year for 5 -100 artists 

The DistroKid Label plan offers the same features as the Musician Plus plan, but with the added ability to sign up for distribution for up to 100 artists. This plan is designed to be more suitable for labels and music distributors, rather than independent artists.

For more information, the price of the label plan looks like this: 

  • 5 artists - $79.99/year
  • 10 artists - $139.99/year
  • 20 artists - $239.99/year

Extra services that DistroKid offers 

Youtube Content ID

DistroKid's YouTube Content ID service is available for a yearly fee of $4.95. With this service, DistroKid will scan YouTube for any videos that use your music and monetize those videos on your behalf. This means you can earn money from ads placed on these videos, even if they weren't uploaded by you.

It's worth noting that DistroKid will take a 20% commission from the revenue generated by the YouTube Content ID service. However, this fee is only taken from the money you earn from this specific service and not from your music distribution earnings. Overall, DistroKid's YouTube Content ID service can be a valuable tool for artists looking to protect and monetize their music on YouTube.

Distribute music to new stores

DistroKid offers a service that allows you to keep your music available on all platforms, including any new stores that become available. For an additional fee of $7.95 per year, DistroKid will distribute unlimited amounts of your music to these platforms as soon as they sign up their work with DistroKid.

For example, as soon as WeSing sign up with DistroKid, since you already paid the fee for this “New stores” feature, your music will immediately be available on WeSing!

This service ensures that your music remains widely available and can help you reach new audiences across multiple platforms. By staying up to date with new stores and platforms, DistroKid can help you expand your music's reach and potentially increase your earnings.

Leave a Legacy

DistroKid's "Leave a Legacy" service offers a cost-effective way to keep your music available online indefinitely. For a one-time fee of $49 per album or $29 per single, your music will remain accessible and continue to generate revenue, even if you don't renew your subscription.

Pros and Cons of DistroKid 


  • No commissions are guaranteed

DistroKid's service ensures that all the revenue you earn from streaming goes directly to you, without any commission fees. Simply pay the annual renewal fee and keep 100% of your earnings. This is a valuable benefit for independent artists who want to maximize their profits and retain control over their content. Whether you're starting or have an established fanbase, DistroKid can help you build a sustainable career in the music industry.

  • Label plan

DistroKid's group plan is a cost-effective solution for independent artists who collaborate. By offering a group plan for music distribution, DistroKid distinguishes itself from other distributors and makes it an attractive option for artists who want to save money on distribution costs. This plan is a great choice for artists who want to work together while retaining their independence and control over their music. With the group plan, DistroKid provides a unique and valuable service that benefits collaborative independent artists.


  • Don’t offer the publishing administration service 

The only problem that DistroKid is having is that they don’t offer any music publishing administrations yet. You also have to pay an extra fee for the Youtube Content ID,  and DistroKid takes commissions on your revenue. So DistroKid service is just mainly distributed music on online platforms, if you want to license your music and collect royalties from it, you might want to check out other distributors that provide this service.

What makes DistroKid stand out from the music distribution industry

The biggest debate in music distribution is whether to choose a pay-per-year or pay-per-release. This is why DistroKid stands out from the other competitors because they offer a Leave a Legacy service that will remain your music online forever. 

Rather than have to pay a renewal fee. This is cheaper and will bring you revenue even when you don’t subscribe to the package anymore. 

This service eliminates the need for annual renewal fees, saving you money in the long run. 

By signing up for the "Leave a Legacy" service, you can ensure that your music will remain available for listeners to discover and enjoy, even after you've stopped actively promoting it. Overall, the "Leave a Legacy" service can be a valuable investment for musicians looking to secure their music's future online.


In conclusion, DistroKid is a great music distributor that is trusted by many independent artists. However, their service is just mainly on streaming platforms and does not provide any publishing service. 

So if you are planning to get a more all-rounded solution, check out our Top 4 Music Distribution Services 2023 to find out more companies that offer this feature. 

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