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Ditto Music Review: Is this the right choice for artists?

Ditto Music Review: Is this the right choice for artists?

With a variety of features and benefits, Ditto Music has become a popular music distribution to independent artists. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at each offering, and the pros and cons of their service, hopefully, to help determine whether Ditto Music is the right music distribution service for you. 

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Price and features of Ditto Music 

Music Distribution Service 

Ditto Music is a pay-per-year music distribution service with an annual renewal fee to keep your music online and registered with them. Ditto Music is currently offering 3 different packages below:

Artist Plan $19/year 

This artist plan offers a free trial of 30 days for the users. You will have the access to all the features, except for releasing music for multiple artists. With Ditto Music’s distribution features, your music will be available on more than 200 platforms, they will also provide you with the ISRC and UPC codes for free. Not to mention the best thing about using Ditto Music is that they will not take any commissions on your streaming revenue.

Professional Plan $29/year 

Professional Plan of Ditto Music has all the features that are included in the Artist Plan. The only difference is that you can release an unlimited amount of music for two artists with this plan. This is a very beneficial deal if you are distributing music with another person since the money you have to pay will be more affordable.

Label Plan $69/year 

The Label plan should be more suitable for a group of artists to choose a music distribution service to release their music online. You will have all the features like Artist Plan, but just with a larger number of artists in a package. 

The number of artists and the price to release unlimited music will look like this: 

  • For 5 artists: $69/year
  • For 10 artists: $119/year 
  • For 15 artists: $159/year 
  • For 20 artists: $199/year 
  • For 30 artists: $249/year 
  • For 40 artists: $299/year

Music Publishing Service

Ditto Music is also selling another service than music distribution which is music publishing. With the cost of $49/year, Ditto Music will help collect all the royalties for you. 

This feature works by signing up and registering your music with the global collection points to maximize your potential income. Then, you can collect all your publishing royalties. Moreover, Ditto Music will also pitch your music for TV, Films and video games or advertisement. 

Ditto Music will take 10% of music publishing royalties. And when your music is on Tv or films, Ditto Music will take a commission of 20% for this sync licensing.

Pros and Cons of Ditto Music 


  • No commission for unlimited releases

Ditto Music distribution plan is famous for its commission-free streaming revenue policy. This means that 100% of what you make will go back into your pocket, making it a great option for independent artists who are just starting out. With Ditto Music, you don’t have to worry about distributors taking a cut of your hard-earned money.

  • Analytical dashboard 

The analytical dashboard of Ditto Music will provide you with detailed information about streaming performance and engagement metrics. By using this feature carefully, you can create your own marketing and promotion strategies to increase exposure and revenue to the maximum.


  • Insufficient customer service 

Despite all the cons, Ditto Music still frustrated the users with their insufficient customer support. This is a crucial element that each and every company should be paying attention to the most. Artists wouldn’t want to have trouble and then be left without any support from the distributor. So if you are considering Ditto Music, you should be cautious with this situation.

Julian Calvo - Multiman from Spain wrote a review on Trustpilot on February 24, 2023: 

“ I went ahead last year and purchased a Ditto Music subscription. As soon as I wanted to launch music the nightmare started.

If you try to search for help, they direct you to a “live chat”, where you can see agents are connected but they do not respond. Best scenario you get a short reply after 24 H saying either an automatic message or “we will ask our team and get back to you”.

In some cases, the waiting was way over a week for pretty standard questions. 90% of the time the reply did not help and certain questions unresolved.

Once you get a response, it is impossible to reply, and since there are no visible support tickets, this becomes absolutely impossible.

I have written emails commenting about my issues and still waiting for replies.

I do not recommend this company at all.” 


What makes Ditto Music stand out from the music distribution industry 

Ditto Music is likely the music distribution service that offers the most affordable package for artists without taking any commissions. Despite the fact that they do not include any music publishing in their deal, if you are looking to just distribute your music online, this could be the right choice for you since you will be able to keep 100% of your revenue.  

Besides that, Ditto Music’s layout in the distributing process is easy to use with stores separated into sections like “All free stores”, “Downloads only stores”, and “Streaming only stores” or you can even create your own selection of stores. 

This can help artists in being able to control which platforms the music is on and to targeting their own platforms.


In conclusion, Ditto Music is a great service for music distribution with just a small flat fee every year to keep all your revenues on online platforms. 

However, if you want to go professional and register your music with royalties, the money you have to pay for Ditto Music might be too high compared to other competitors. So make sure that you take it into consideration before signing up if you have a tight budget. 

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