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Email Marketing: How to build your Fanbase

Email Marketing: How to build your Fanbase

Email will always be around, even as social networking apps come and go. As an independent artist, your email list gives you a direct channel to your fans without the interference of algorithms or advertisements. You control the audience, which puts you in the ideal position to develop a loyal following. 

Why? Email marketing is direct marketing. 

Email is inherently transactional, which is why the recipient is more likely to click through to stream your song or buy your merch. 

Social media makes it hard to get your audience to focus or take action as it clutters with news from their friends and the following list, advertisement that is relevant to their activities on these platforms. 

How email marketing can help you grow your fanbase? 

Your mailing list is your key audience, with an example of 1000 sign ups, meaning a direct conversion to sales, interactions, streams. You’re essentially building your community by trading values such as exclusivity, offers, free access,... in exchange for their email addresses.

For people who check their emails, its most likely they’re going to spend time getting to know what’s delivered in their filtered selection of newsletters, converting to website visits, Spotify streams, etc… Which is why Email is for the long run, and social ads are for music promotion

Collect your list

Ask the followers you already have on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to sign up for your email list too. Let them know the advantages of doing so; like being able to see all of your important updates on upcoming shows and album releases. We also have a guide on how to build your online identity.

When asking your fanbase to sign up, make sure that you're offering exclusivity, here's some examples needed in exchange to build your audience:

  • Alert your subscribers that they are the first to get access to the latest releases. 
  • Ask a similar band to email their list with a prompt to sign up to yours, and vice versa in return. 
  • Offer email exclusive discount, giveaways


Language used in your newsletter should be easy to understand, clear subjects and personalized to your recipients, here's how:

  1. Clear subject lines - intrigue your followers to open your email.
  2. Easy to read - there’s always room for storytelling, but no need for complex writing. 
  3. Personalized messages the email with the subscriber’s name. 
  4. Purposeful - your email must be clear and direct to the point, such as “watch now on YouTube”; or “Stream on Spotify” for example.
  5. Keep it short and concise - direct lead to information you need to give without any fuss.

Any strong music promotion campaign requires you to broaden your audience through social ads, Spotify promotion,... A strong email list is the backbone to building your longevity, helping you navigate and build a stronger relationship with your audience

Having your fans’ emails allows you direct access to their inbox and ensures your messages are almost always seen. Make sure collecting subscribers is a priority on your website, at your shows, and anywhere else you can get hold of your fans' emails addresses.

Email marketing is the final touch to any successful music campaign, along with social media ads and promotion. You can opt in for platforms like Base for Music, which helps you promote your music across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify 

Learn How to Grow your Fanbase

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