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Four Tips to get more Spotify Streams in 2022

Four Tips to get more Spotify Streams in 2022

Every artist wants to become the next big thing, in which Spotify stream can play a huge role in that process. As an upcoming artist, the idea of gaining more streams to your works might seem exhausting and unreachable. Nevertheless, the idea wouldn’t be that intimidating once you understand Spotify’s algorithms and music marketing tips to grow your streams. 

Understand Spotify’s Algorithms

Before we jump into the actual tips, you need to understand how Spotify works and how you can play their game the right way. In short, Spotify’s algorithms run based on the following data: listeners’ listening history, music choices, duration of listening, and their activities toward recommendations (like, skip, replay, or save the song). With this data in hand, the algorithms will continuously recommend songs through playlists such as ‘Discover Weekly’, ‘Chill Mix’, etc, or a song’s radio. 

Thus, you need to stay consistent and coherent with your music identity and genres so that Spotify can easier categorize and recommend your songs to listeners. To learn more, sign up for our newsletter to get the first access to our upcoming article on Spotify’s algorithms and how you can benefit from it. 

1. Verify Your Account

If you haven’t verified your Spotify account, do it right now! You need to have a verified account before doing anything to gain more streams. Once you claim your account with Spotify For Artist, it will open you to many tools and features that would be a big help in the long run for your career. 

For instance, you can have social media sharing tools, listeners’ data, embeddable players, and Spotify Ad Studio - a Spotify tool for music promotion. If you want to learn more, check out our review on Spotify Ad Studio

The best feature of Spotify for Artists is the pitching tool. You can submit your songs to a curated Spotify playlist which can greatly improve your streams. This comes to our second point.

2. Get Your Songs Playlisted 

At Spotify, the most common way listeners discover your tracks is through playlists. Hence, if you want to improve your stream, getting playlisted is the first step you want to take. There are three different playlists on Spotify: algorithmic playlist, editorial playlists, and user-curated playlists. 

The key here is to stay relevant with your choice of playlist. If you’re an indie artist, you don’t want to pitch your songs to an EDM playlist. By getting playlisted, you open your song’s exposure to new listeners and increase the chance of them converting to your fan. Check out our extensive guide on how to get your songs playlisted

3.Share Your Works 

As simple as it sounds, sharing your works does help to improve your Spotify streams or at least gain some exposure to your works. Here are the three main ways that you can share your works:

Pre-save link

Similar to pre-order, the pre-save link allows your fan to add your song to their libraries once the song is released. As a result, it has been a vital part of a music release as it reminds your fan of your new release. Often enough, it’s easy to forget if they only encounter a simple new music announcement. With a pre-save link, you allow them to have the first access to your track. 

Create email list 

Even though email sounds dry and outdated, it is still a staple part of most artists’ music launches. In contrast to social media where they can choose to scroll and never look back, an email stays there which increases the chances of them clicking in later on. 

With a proper email list of your fans, you get to directly communicate with them in a personalized way. The key here is to be as intimate and personal as possible. This will increase the chance of them supporting your launch and opt-in for upcoming releases.

We will soon have an article covering how to create an email list to build a fanbase. Sign up for our newsletter to get the first access. 

Plan your music release ahead of time

Similar to every product needs a product planning and a product manager. You will have to be the product manager and plan a product release for every release. No matter how good your track is, without a proper release plan, it’s almost certain that you wouldn’t get that much Spotify stream in the crowded music industry.

 When it comes to music releasing, you have to be your own development team to do an agile release plan for your release. It’s best to have product roadmaps in place with what kinds of marketing strategies you will use to promote. To learn more, check out our article on how to plan a music release

4. Utilize Social Ads

The easiest way to improve your Spotify stream is to utilize social ads. To fasten the discovery phase for your listener and push them to stream your song, promoting your song through social media platforms is the best way to do so. Spotify also has a tool that helps with that; however, it comes with both benefits and setbacks - check out our review on Spotify Ads Studio. 

To improve your stream, you can run ads for your music using music promotion services like Base for Music - generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

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