How To Get On Spotify Release Radar Playlist?

How To Get On Spotify Release Radar Playlist?

Despite how difficult it is to get on a Spotify algorithms playlist, it’s always worth it to shoot your shot. Getting on to these playlists can tremendously help to boost not only your streams but also your recognition as an artist.  

Before we head to the tips to help you get playlisted on “Discover Weekly,” “Daily Mix” or “Release Radar,” make sure you understand how Spotify algorithm works, what’s natural language processing, collaborative filtering or even raw audio. If all of that sounds like a bunch of jargon for you, check out our musician-friendly guide to Spotify’s algorithms

If not, let's jump into how you can amplify your music on Spotify using algorithmic playlists

1. Do Not Buy Streams 

In contrast to the advertising that convinces you to buy Spotify streams, buying streams can heavily damage your reputation toward Spotify - making the chance of your song getting playlists also zero. Buying streams is not only against Spotify’s rules but also you will be flagged and eventually get banned from using Spotify. 

Even though it is tempting to try buying streams since that is the quickest way to boost your recognition, the risk is not worth it - especially when you’re trying to get on curating playlists.  

2. Include Your Promotion Plan In The Pitch

To pitch a song to Spotify’s editorial playlists, you would need to fill out a pitch form on your Spotify for Artists account. When filling out that form, you need to optimize your chance of getting playlisted by giving the Spotify team your promotion plan when they ask you to describe your song. 

The idea here is to let them know that you’re reaching out and pitching to them with a music marketing strategy in place. For every music release, you always need a proper music release plan. To learn more, check out our article on how to prepare for a music release. 

From the editorial team’s perspective, they would prefer to push and promote a song from an artist that is well-prepared than an artist that randomly uploads a cool track on Spotify. Hence, besides giving the song’s context and genre, you definitely need to include your promotion plan such as which platform you’re gonna promote your song and using what materials such as a music video or a TikTok video. 

3. Be Strategic With The Traffic You Generate

To put it simply, the algorithm works based on the user's listening habits and listening history - using that data they will keep recommending similar users with similar patterns. For example, if a Kanye West fan streams your song religiously, the algorithm will pick this as a signal that other Kanye West fans will also like your song then proceed to playlist your song on Kanye West radio. 

From that example, you can see how you should be strategic with the people you want to stream your songs. The more specific the group is, the easier your song will keep getting recommended by the algorithms. 

Here’s one of our tips to generate the right target audience for your song. You can offer pre-save in the community of your target audience. For instance, you can join Kanye West group chat or Facebook group and promote your songs with a pre-save. 

This would mean that they will get notified once your song is uploaded. If you’re struggling with defining your target audience, check out our extensive guide on how to find the right audience for your music

Another way to be strategic with your traffic is pitching to an independent curator on Spotify. To learn more, take a look at our article on how to pitch to an independent curator

4. Optimize Your Reach With Social Ads

At the end of day, Spotify algorithms will pick songs based on your popularity on the platforms. If many people come to your artist profile and stream, this would send a good signal to the algorithms to keep recommending your songs to Spotify users. The easiest and legal way to amplify your reach is using social ads such as Spotify Ads Studio or Facebook. If you’re curious how Spotify Ads works, check out our review on Spotify Ads Studio.  

However, to simplify the process of using the tool, Base for Music helps you reach your audiences faster with simple clicks. By generating sponsored campaigns across social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify), your music gets heard by a new group of audience every day which helps you to grow exposure.

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