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Gen Z Strategy for your Spotify Promotion

Gen Z Strategy for your Spotify Promotion

Nothing is more effective than your music being welcomed by the right audiences. However, not every audience has the same journey and listening habits. So it’s vital to build a strategy suited for each target audience group. This blog will help you understand Gen Z’s listening preferences and our advice to leverage your Spotify music. 

If the phrase “listening journey” is unfamiliar to you, check out our breakdown of the listener journey for your Spotify promotion

Why do you need a Gen Z strategy for your Spotify music?

Simply put, Gen Z is the generation that was born between 1997 and 2012. They have been digital natives since they grew up after the development of the internet. But why do they matter in your music career? 

According to Spotify analytics, 26% of Spotify users are Gen Z, and 71% of Spotify free subscribers are under 35. This means your audience could mainly be gen Z, and they are one of the potential fans who will support your music career.  

Besides, 50% of Gen Z’s high activity on social media, and they would like to buy the artists’ merch as well as join the fanbase more than other generations. Gen Z sees their loved artist as a part of their identity; hence they are more likely to support their idols. Taking BTS’s success in Korea as an outstanding example - they are now a top 1 band thanks to the massive support of their Gen Z fanbase. Therefore, if you are looking for the ones who will engage with your artwork and contribute to your revenue, it’s essential to pay attention to the Gen Z strategy. 

Understanding your Gen Z audiences 

Before you start your Gen Z marketing plan, let's understand your target audience to provide a relevant strategy. If your audiences are millennials, but you promote your song with this strategy, it can waste your effort and time. 

In case you need more confidence with your chosen audiences, check out our discussion to target the right audience for your music. 

A short span of attention 

Talking about marketing to Gen Z, eye-catching is critical. Gen Z only has a short span of attention, an estimated 8 seconds. Therefore, you must capture their attention in less than this short time, or they will skip away from your music. 

To grab your audiences, you should first attract them with eye-catching visuals. Let’s highlight your brand with outstanding artwork and make the audience fall in love with you at first sight.

Remember to show your brand with bite-sized content to send a message to them. Whether you send out a text, short video or image, ensure you make it straightforward by skipping the lengthy introduction and background information.  

Love video content

Gen Z loves video content, whether short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Stories or longer ones on Youtube. Thus, you should research the best length and right channel for your upcoming videos to provide an effective Gen Z strategy. 

Let’s use visual effects, overlays and music to make your videos stand out. Captions and thumbnails are also a key to “inviting” them to visit your videos. Furthermore, authenticity is a crucial motivator for Gen Z; therefore, make sure your videos portray your real lives to keep them interested. You can start your music strategy with music reactions, interviews with staff, and other “aesthetic content” that can foster a human connection. 

On Spotify, you can use Spotify Canvas and your inspired bio to amplify your brand with the audiences. To know more, check out our discussion about Spotify Canvas

Prefer to travel multi-platform 

With Gen Z, music discovery is a cross-platform experience. Compared with other generations, Gen Z enjoys travelling multi-platform to find their following favourite songs and new artists. Unsurprisingly, 42% of Gen Z Spotify users in the US said they’d heard a song on social media and then searched on Spotify. 

However, not every social media means the same thing as Gen Z. They use each platform with different purposes. For instance, they share aspirational sides on Instagram, upload daily moments through story features, have fun with TikTok and listen on streaming music platforms. For this reason, you should choose relevant content that fits each platform and Gen Z’s internet-using habits to highlight your music optimally. 

Listening to music as a daily habit

According to Digital Music News, Gen Z is the generation that embraces music streaming the most, with over 4 hours per day. Indeed, 82% of them claimed they use music as a therapy to alter their mood and tune out the world. They prefer clicking on a personalised playlist because it precisely offers their desired mood and serves their purposes conveniently, such as a workout and studying playlist. Besides, 68.4% of Gen Z in the US would like to start their listening journey with Spotify rather than other platforms. 

To better approach your Gen Z audiences, you can start your first step by creating an artist playlist. Let's input your song and diversify with other favourite songs from other artists. This practice can help you promote your songs and cross-promotion with your peers. Remember to create your playlist with a smooth flow so the audience can listen to the last song. To learn more, read our ultimate guideline for Spotify Artist Playlist

If you want to promote your music better, try out Spotify Ads Studio - a Spotify promotion service for artists. With this promotional tool, you can effectively expose your music by targeting the right audiences quickly. Check out our review about Spotify Ads to better equip you with our music marketing advice. 

As an experienced music marketer, we understand your journey to stand alone and be snowed under with numerous works, from music production to promotion campaigns. Therefore, Base For Music is a simple solution to ease your burden.

At Base For Music, we help artists expose their visibility and build their fanbase by increasing your Spotify stream strategically to the right audiences via our product, Spotify Engagement. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate your sponsored campaigns across popular advertising platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube.

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