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How can other social platforms promote your Spotify release?

How can other social platforms promote your Spotify release?

As a musician, you will likely focus your efforts on Spotify - the most prominent music streaming to get your music known to the world. However, to achieve your objective of supporting your Spotify release, you need to approach your audience in multiple ways. Here are our 3 practices to create a buzz for your Spotify release through social media. 

How does this strategy work for your Spotify release? 

By simple logic, the more doors you open for your music, the more audiences will listen to it and increase your Spotify traffic.

The great pros of this mixed strategy are that it can spread your music effectively. Increasing your song’s visibility enables you to approach more audiences from different platforms at various moments. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in growing your fanbase. 

3 Practices To Optimize Your Spotify Release Through Social Media 

Doing email marketing campaign 

No matter how other social media apps come and go, email will always be around us. With artists, email is the organic marketing tool that helps them directly connect to their audiences. Every time you release your track, let’s send your message and reach your fans with your music Spotify link. 

However, before you start using any email marketing plan, it's essential to know how to send a good email so that the audiences don't put it into the spam folders; check out our extensive guidelines to build your fanbase through email marketing

Showcase your works in video format 

Visual plays a big part in helping your new release attract the target audience. And when we mention visuals for music marketing strategy, there are no video platforms that can be better than Youtube and TikTok. They are popular channels for audiences to discover music and good places for artists to showcase their artworks. 

The fans love the artists’ aesthetic moments. Whenever the artists share their “natural moments", fans feel they can make a real connection with their idols. The fact that random videos about artists’ lives on Youtube and TikTok always gain high engagement from audiences. 

Therefore, to leverage your music fame, make “friendly content” with your audiences through behind-the-scenes videos, daily vlogs for your music production, or your sharing about the new releases’ meaning.

Besides, the audiences also use two platforms to find music in different versions they had never heard elsewhere. Thus, to boost your song’s popularity and attract your audiences optimally, diversify your music with acoustic, lo-fi, sped-up, and slow-verb versions.   

Invest in social ads  

One of the best ways to promote your new release is to run social media ads. When doing social ads, you optimize your song’s chance to appear directly on the audience’s listening journey. Simply put, it boosts your song’s visibility by bringing it to your potential audiences. Moreover, this investment helps to increase your Spotify traffic and promote your brands among the noise. If you are interested in this method, read our review of the top 4 social ad platforms for music promotion to have the most relevant decision for your ads format

In particular, you can use Spotify Ads as the initial step to start promoting new albums. To learn more, check out our review of Spotify Ads Studio

Nevertheless, if you want to optimize your music popularity on various platforms but need help with the lengthy process. In that case, you can choose Base For Music as the easy solution - where we help you run ads with as simple as one click. 

At Base For Music, we help artists promote their new releases by exposing their music strategically via multi-marketing channels. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate sponsored ad campaigns through a streamlined dashboard across popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

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