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How Much Does TuneCore Really Cost? A Detailed Price Breakdown.

How Much Does TuneCore Really Cost? A Detailed Price Breakdown.

TuneCore is a very popular music distributor to independent artists. In this article, we will walk you through a detailed breakdown of TuneCore’s prices and features to see whether they are the right choice to be your music distributor.

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TuneCore Main Service

TuneCore is an online music distribution company that empowers independent artists to distribute their music on various platforms. They promise musicians to be able to keep 100% of their revenue. Their primary service is music distribution with two payment methods: Pay-per-year, as known as the Unlimited distribution plan and Pay-per-release with a renewal annual fee.  

Unlimited Distribution Plans 

TuneCore’s revenue distribution stands out among music distribution services as it does not take any commissions on artists’ revenue, except for the New Artists plan. This means that independent artists using TuneCore can keep 100% of their earnings from the sale of their music, providing them with a fair and transparent platform to monetise their work. With this policy, TuneCore offers a valuable service for musicians to reach their potential in investing in their music.

New Artists: FREE with 20% commission

TuneCore’s New Artists plan offers an entirely free music distribution package for independent artists. With this plan, artists can distribute unlimited music to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube’s official artist channel.

However, the plan has some limitations, as it doesn’t include popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Itunes. Additionally, TuneCore takes 20% commissions from the revenue generated by the New Artists plan. Despite these limitations, this still provides an excellent opportunity for artists to get their music streamed without having to pay any fees.

Rising Artists: $14.99/Year

This plan is designed to help independent artists distribute their music to the top of their journals. With this plan, you can distribute unlimited releases on all streaming platforms and stores without any commissions taken, allowing you to keep 100% of your revenue.

TuneCore also offers verified marks on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, which will help you to gain more visibility towards the audience. Moreover, this will also let you schedule your own release day, which prevents having to wait for an unknown amount of time like other music distribution services. 

Breakout artists: $29.99/Year

With this package, besides all the features from Rising Artists, you will be access to the “Store Automator” feature that automatically adds your music to any new streaming sites within 2-6 weeks after those sites are signed to TuneCore. 

Artists will also be updated with daily trend reports every 2 days with the exact information about which location and exact songs are trending at the moment. This is super helpful to forecast your plan like touring or connecting to local radio stations and DJs to promote the music

Other than that, TuneCore offers artists a Cover art creator feature, since an album or single’s artwork is super important for the audiences to recognize and capture the idea of your music, so this will help not only to optimize your time but also on boosting the identity of your recognition. 

Professional Plan: $49.99/Year

This package included all the features that you can get with the Breakout Artist, and more professional tools such as you will have the access to exclusive partnerships and promotional opportunities like Twitch, Tidal, Artist Podal and Brand Ambassadors. 

Artists will be able to create their own custom label names and choose to release music based on the location that they wish. This package gives a more professional grasp of distributing music to the artists. 

Furthermore, this is the only package in which you can buy an additional artist profile, but this will cost you another fee of $14.99 for each artist.


Artists can also choose this pay-per-release method if they are not distributing a big amount of music in the year. This will save you somewhat more money than buying a full package when you don’t need it. 

Free distribution with 20% commission

This free plan of TuneCore will only release your music to social platforms only, not any streaming services or digital stores will be included in this package. And since you can release your music for free, TuneCore will take 20% commissions from your music revenue to balance out the service. 

Release a single: $9.99/Year  

Your music will be released on more than 150+ platforms of TuneCore and you can keep 100% of the revenue. But with this pay-per-release service, you will not have access to any more features of TuneCore than just music distribution. You will also have to pay a renewal annual fee of $9.99 to keep your music online every year. 

Release an album: $29.99/Year 

Same to releasing a single with TuneCore, the music will be distributed and all of the revenue will go back to you. However, the price of $29.99 is only applied for the first year of release, for each following year, artists have to pay $49.99/year to keep the album streaming. 

Complementary services 

Music publishing administration/monetization 

By charging a one-time fee of $75 and keeping 15% of commissions from the royalties that TuneCore collect on the artist’s behalf. This service manages your compositions, making sure you are not leaving any money left by licensing, registering and collecting royalties under your work’s name. In addition to the money TuneCore already pays you for the sales and stream of records, this is just another source of income. 


In summary, whether you choose the Unlimited distribution or pay-per-release plan with TuneCore, you will still need to pay a flat fee of $75 if you want to become a professional artist, register your music and collect royalties from it.  

So, the calculated formula for this will be: Your plan fee + renewal fee/year + $75 for the one-time sign-up fee + 15% commission per song for TuneCore

For example: You are a Rising artist of TuneCore (meaning you already paid them $113.98) and Spotify is paying you approximately $0.003 per stream. If you make it to 1,000 streams, the amount that you are supposed to get is $3 but Tunecore will also take an additional $0.45(15%) from it. 

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