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How To Do Music Promotion With Little To No Followers?

How To Do Music Promotion With Little To No Followers?

Social media outlets and its ever-rising involvement in media exposure are helping artists be able to market themselves and grow their following by harnessing its tools.

But what if you don't have a strong online presence? Perhaps you’re at baby steps towards building a presence, or even in contrast, have no interest in these practices? 

The answer is: traditional music promotion still prevails and here's how: 

  1. Understand your brand and musical identity 
  2. Understanding online presence
  3. Build your network 
  4. Live shows, podcasts and community radio appearances
  5. Opt for Music promotion services.

1. Understand your brand and musical identity

Understanding your brand, artist profile, and stylistic traits will help you form the world surrounding your music: Who you are, who's your target audience, networking initiatives, and places where people can discover your music. And this can help you define real, tangible ​​analytics about the impact your music has on people.   

2. Understanding online presence:

In contrast to what you may think, social media isn't the entirety of the internet, and of course isn’t the only way to maintain relevance. 

Online presence is a collection of where you place yourself and having people talk about your work. For example: bloggers, music enthusiasts and critics alike who give analysis about your music, music promotion tools that do the work of advertising for you. 

As long as you have your work circulating the internet, that is enough to share information that generates curiosity and discovery.

3. Build your network

Word-of-mouth is just as powerful as targeted social ads, as real people are their own tastemakers of their own circle of people and local scene communities. With the right adjectives in terms of networking and availability of online presence, this can help you get live show bookings, radio plays and community radio appearances - which are essential to the growth of any indie artist. 


4. Live appearances, podcasts, community radio, emails:

These platforms help you push your art to an existing fanbase of curious listeners wanting to discover new music without the clutter of social media. The nature of these broadcasting channels help people to enjoy the in depth curated selection, a network of trust between their host and community

Forming a close connection and co-signage of quality, trust and even artistic excellence that community radios tend to establish from their residents of selectors.

You may never guess who's in the crowd. From heavy tastemakers, label executives, Such understanding helps you network with fitting communities that you can help grow, and vice versa they can help you figure out how to advance your work in the right direction. We also have an article explaining how to build your network.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool of promotion, don't be mistaken that it is outdated. The tool, to this day, is STILL the most direct form of communication and creates a personalized, higher return rate of engagement than social media. 

We will have an upcoming exploration of this topic in an upcoming article, make sure you sign up for our newsletter for latest updates, and more tips for growing your audience.

5. Use legitimate music Promotion services

It is important to engage with your fans and reach new audiences online by having consistent music promotion. You can learn more in our extensive guide on music promotion

At Base for Music, we help you push your music on multiple platforms and create buzz by helping you with running ads. By generating sponsored campaigns across social networks and streaming platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify), your music gets heard by a new group of audience every day.

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