How to find concert dates when you are an artist?

How to find concert dates when you are an artist?

Being an artist in France is a fulfilling job, but it requires some information and knowledge to optimize your income. This includes knowledge of social networks, music streaming platforms, copyrights and live performances. It is this last point that we will develop today.

When to contact an organizer?

Whether you are the most talented guitarist of your generation or an exceptional singer, if you go to an organizer to propose your services but he can only judge your talent by what you tell him, he will systematically refuse. In reality, you need a "business card"; a page with your past performances, covers, acoustic sessions... It doesn't matter, as long as you can present your music and it's easy to understand what your repertoire is!

Another asset could be to take care of your social networks. Indeed, in the era of digital technology, growing on networks (Instagram, Tiktok) has become accessible to all! This can even be your famous business card.

You can also make photos with a professional photographer or visuals, which you can distribute to your future organizers, to show them a complete artistic universe.

Who to approach?

Most artists looking for dates will approach restaurants, bars, town halls... This is a solution that can work but is time consuming and does not have a very high conversion rate.

You can also have a personal booker (someone who takes care of your dates), but they often have many artists to take care of and might not bring you as much as you think (although there are some very good ones).

But the best solution in 2022 is to use an online booking platform: Linkaband. This platform connects organizers directly with you, the artist. As an artist, you just have to register, fill in your profile, and wait for an organizer to contact you!

Nothing could be simpler; and all this for free! Whatever your music style (violinist, singer, metal band, DJ...), an organizer will need your services near you or in France!

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