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How To Gain Your Next 10,000 Followers On Spotify?

How To Gain Your Next 10,000 Followers On Spotify?

Despite how stressful this topic might be, especially when you only have a few followers right now, this article will give you the structure and insights to help you to answer the question: how to get more followers on Spotify? 

The answer is this tricky question is simple yet complicated - be visible to the Spotify algorithm. To attract active listeners and convert them into followers, you would need to be available with them through Spotify’s algorithms. 

However, keep in mind that acquiring followers is similar to growing your fanbase - you need to solidify the reason why they should opt-in and be available where they are. To learn more on the “why”, you can check our article on how to grow your fanbase. Once you solidify your artistic appeal which is the main thing that makes them a follower or a fan, let’s carry on how to concretely get more followers with a brief introduction to Spotify algorithms. 

What is the Spotify Algorithm? 

There are essentially three main channels people encounter your songs on Spotify: 

  • Spotify search - after already knowing you or your song
  • Playlist discovery - through independent playlists
  • Playlist discovery - through Spotify’s algorithmic playlists

Among all, Spotify’s algorithm is the strongest force for building followers. A simple explanation would be algorithmic playlists have most Spotify listeners actively anticipate. The success of Spotify is actually thanks to how people enjoy the algorithm’s song recommendation through playlists such as “Discover Weekly”. 

Even though there is no concrete way to win the algorithm or get to popular playlists, you can check our friendly guide on Spotify’s algorithm to have a better understanding of how to use it to your advantage. Once you understand what it is about, growing Spotify followers would be way less scary using Spotify’s algorithm. 

Four Ways To Gain Followers With Spotify Algorithms 

Besides the obvious answer (aka getting playlisted on curated playlists or an independent playlist), there are four other ways to gain followers through sending good signals to the algorithms. The logic behind using Spotify algorithms is simple - more listeners mean more chance of them converting to be your followers. 

Create your playlist 

The easiest way to get playlisted and followers are to create your own playlist. It doesn’t matter how niche your music genre is or whether you already need a high streaming number; creating your own playlist can be a great start to attracting people listening to your songs.

You can grow the playlist by actively promoting and listening to it so that your playlist reaches a high engagement rate. Spotify will promote your song and playlist if it is getting good engagement, such as traffic and shares. This increases the chance of more listeners becoming followers. A small tip is you will know the algorithm working when you can easily find your playlist on Spotify search. 

Release music consistently 

Another way to send a good signal is to stay consistent with your Spotify account. The easiest way to maintain consistency is to post music with a proper release schedule. With this in place, your listeners and followers can slowly grow and expand. 

Check out our article on how to prepare for a music release. Using this structure will help you unfailingly send good signals to Spotify algorithms. 

Optimize social media 

Traffic to your artist page is another key element to gain attention from Spotify algorithms. Similar to how the music industry works, you want Spotify to see your music and account as something that is worth recommending to listeners which traffic plays a crucial part. 

If you share your Spotify tracks on social media, you will generate regular traffic to your Spotify account. This will signal to Spotify that you are doing well and they should promote you to users. A tip here is to always include a call to action instead of simply sharing your track without saying anything. 

However, it’s easier said than done as not all upcoming artists have a huge following on social media. To win the social media game, our article on how to digitally promote your music can help.

Implement music promotion 

The more streams and followers you give Spotify, the better it will be able to learn your patterns and behavior and bring you more fans. 

With that being said, implementing music promotion is the best way for you to actively accumulate more followers and streams on Spotify. As the number of listeners to your music increases, it signals to Spotify's algorithms that your music is popular and therefore more likely to be pushed to other users, increasing your chances of converting them to followers. You can learn more in our extensive guide on music promotion. 

To start actively acquiring more followers, you can run ads for your music using services like Base for Music - generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify with a simple click.  

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