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Advertising optimization on Youtube Ads

Advertising optimization on Youtube Ads

Within the Google Ads tool, a promotion service around the video is available on Youtube as well as on the display network. It translates into different formats and bidding strategies, each of which has its own specificities. They are also complemented by various targeting possibilities. These three elements will define the quality of your settings.




It is possible to opt for different advertising formats when you want to promote your video content and clips. A format such as discovery will allow your promotional campaign to reach a wide range of people, but only those who are truly curious about your content will be interested. It allows you to get qualified listeners who will be more inclined to take concrete interaction actions: likes, subscriptions, actions etc... Other formats, such as instream, will be more for the purpose of notoriety and will automatically broadcast your content to a new qualified audience. It will allow your music to be seen and heard, but it will generate less reaction from the listeners because they are not in a "search" phase. There is no single format that will meet all your expectations. Several formats must be used in the same campaign to get consistent results and new listeners engaged in your project. Our tools allow us to launch your campaign directly in several formats in order to track their performance and obtain maximum results.



This aspect of your campaign is the most important because it will allow you to distribute your content to a qualified fanbase. There is no standard targeting, it varies according to the sound of the project, its location or its musical genre. The targeting possibilities can be done according to the interests and tastes of the users or even according to the different searches they do on Youtube or Google. With our audience analysis tools, we can identify the different types of listeners who follow you on your Youtube, Spotify and Instagram page. This analysis allows us to report this information through different targeting related to the different ad formats we have in place. So, with a single promotional campaign, your video is shown in multiple ad formats linked to different targeting, which in turn is inspired by your fanbase and your actual listeners and followers. All this implementation will have a direct impact on your results. Our strategic targeting allows for a quality engagement rate that will improve your natural ranking in YouTube recommendations.


Ensure your effectiveness with base for music:

Once your promotional campaign is launched, with these different formats and targeting, our teams follow the evolution of your campaign to identify the most effective parameters. Your promotional budget will then be focused on the most effective formats and targeting to bring you the most results. It is essential that your campaign reaches a large, engaged audience that is likely to subscribe to your music, but also that it generates a high level of interaction around your content. To ensure the effectiveness of your promotion and build your fanbase, launch your campaigns with Base for music.

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