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The Spotify Ad Studio tool

The Spotify Ad Studio tool

Launched in 2017 in the U.S., Spotify Ad Studio is a platform for advertisers to schedule audio ads for Spotify users. It has quickly allowed artists to promote and showcase their new releases to an engaged audience. Depending on the country, access is limited to certain profiles, such as in France, where only advertising companies have access. Used correctly, this tool is a great way to engage a new audience and develop an artist's fanbase.


How Spotify Ad Studio works:

This powerful tool allows artists to target new, qualified listeners directly in the environment where they listen to their music. Ads are served to Spotify listeners with a freemium account, so they are forced to listen to ads to continue discovering new tracks. This format gives you 30 seconds to encourage potential new listeners to discover your music. So it's important to select a strong track that will entice them to click "Listen Now" and redirect them to the tracks of your choice. Freemium listeners on Spotify can't listen to a particular track, as it's always random. Therefore, you need to provide a redirect URL with at least 8 tracks, so that as many of your tracks as possible follow each other in the listener's ear and they discover your project as a whole. The duration of the campaigns is composed of two phases and lasts one month. The first phase, 15 days, is when your ad will be broadcast to new listeners. Each listener who clicks and becomes a new listener is recorded. The second phase, also lasting 15 days, will measure the number of listeners who were reached by the ad and who return to your page a few days later to listen to your music. In order to get results quickly, it is essential to master all the functionalities of this promotion tool, from the creation to the optimization of the campaign so that the budget spent is as efficient as possible.


Ensure your effectiveness with base for music:

With our audience analysis tools, we can quickly identify the most engaged fans on Spotify: playlist adds, likes, subscriptions and shares. We target a qualified audience that matches your music universe, ensuring high engagement for your music. We then set up several promotional campaigns in order to quickly capitalize on the most effective one and thus optimize your budget so that you get the maximum results. This happens in the first phase of the campaign, where we regularly analyze the ongoing results and proceed to optimize the budget. To ensure its effectiveness, we also prepare a script at the beginning of your advertisement to encourage the targeted listener to click. 


At Base for music, we consider the engagement of your audience as our main goal. A high conversion rate of your fanbase will allow for an organic listing in the Spotify algorithm, giving you the opportunity to be included in the platform's organic playlist.

Example: You like to discover new artists on Spotify? Here is the Parisian Thincoeur! To listen to his new track "Amillionovas", click on "Listen now"!

Several key elements are essential to provide in the script to get maximum results. We are also in daily contact with the Spotify Ad Studio team to ensure the quality of your campaigns. To ensure your promotion is effective and your fanbase grows, launch your campaigns with base for music.

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