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New : discover our feature "Fanbase"

New : discover our feature

From Monday 25th October, you will be able to subscribe to our new "Fanbase" feature. Based on a subscription system, "Fanbase" gives you an overview of your community on all your networks thanks to complete statistics. This feature is divided into two types of data, the evolution of your fanbase and the analysis of its characteristics.

Evolution of your fanbase:

You'll have graphs that show you the evolution of your listeners on Spotify and your followers on Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / TikTok / Twitter.
For Spotify, you'll also be able to track two important metrics that represent listener engagement and unlock organic traffic on the platform: Conversion rate per fan and Spotify popularity Index.

The first metric, Conversion Rate per Fan, is the percentage of your listeners who are also subscribers to your page. The higher the number, the more likely it is that your listeners are engaged and that your content is attractive. The second, Spotify popularity Index, is a score between 0 and 100 that Spotify gives to your artist page. This score is calculated according to various criteria, number of followers, number of listeners, engagement rate, average stream rate per listener, etc. The higher the rating, the more attractive Spotify considers your content to be. This helps two things: getting your tracks into automatic playlists (Daily Mix, Release Radar etc.) and being picked up by a Spotify playlist editor's radar.

With a general overview of your audience, you can easily visualise the impact of your advertising campaigns and follow the evolution of your community on your different networks.

The analysis of its characteristics:

With this second type of data, you will be able to discover the characteristics of your listeners and followers in order to clearly identify what the typical profile of your fan is. This data will be available on Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and TikTok. You will be able to identify gender, age and location by network. You will also be able to access data such as the average number of likes per video or the engagement rate to understand which are your strongest channels.

Through this feature, you will be able to follow the evolution of your fanbase thanks to your advertising campaigns but also to have precise information on your fans. Secondly, by activating this feature, you will increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. Indeed, it will allow our technology to have more data on the profile and behaviour of all your fans. This information will allow us to be even more precise in launching your campaigns and thus more efficient in your targeting.

For the first 100 users who activate this feature, the 6 month subscription will be €75 instead of €120. Go to the "Fanbase" function of your dashboard from Monday 25th October to discover this feature and subscribe.


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