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Optimize your ads campaigns

Optimize your ads campaigns

Through the various platforms and social networks available, every artist now has the ability to communicate with the world. Being able to expand your audience and generate engagement is more complex. Used correctly, advertising campaigns are the most effective way to do this. Gradually, every social network and streaming platform is offering their advertising services, but if not programmed properly, these promotional services will have no impact on your project. Two elements are essential to guarantee the effectiveness of a promotional campaign.




Usually, these advertising services offer a simplified version of the campaign launch to make it easier for you. This is the case on Instagram, Facebook or Google Ads for Youtube. This solution is a hindrance to the effectiveness of your campaign, because it will be too generalized and will not reach a qualified audience likely to adhere to your musical universe. To guarantee the impact of a promotion, it is first done in the parameters of the campaign. It is therefore necessary to successfully promote your music to the right listener but also to encourage him to interact: subscribe to your channel, add your track to his playlist etc... Each social network or platform requires different settings in order to make the best use of its capabilities and develop its fanbase.



When the promotional campaign is well configured, the second essential criterion is the targeting. For this, each project, each artist has its own fanbase and it is necessary to identify their common characteristics in order to reach similar and committed listeners. This requires an in-depth analysis of an artist's project and its statistics in order to understand what is the most optimal targeting. It is also necessary to take into account the environment in which the ad campaign is run and the typical profile of users who are on that social network or platform. Once identified, the optimal targeting will allow your campaign to showcase your music to the right listeners but also to encourage them to join your fanbase. Our strategic analysis of the fanbase allows a better referencing in the recommendations of the platforms.


In contact with the advertising services of social networks and streaming platforms, our teams improve every day the configuration of our campaigns to make them more effective for our users. Our analysis tools allow us to identify each project in order to allow the artist to develop his fanbase by targeting fans likely to engage. Your budget will be optimized to the maximum. Estimate the impact of your campaign with our tools and increase your fanbase with Base for music.

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