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Promote your music with Base for music

Promote your music with Base for music

With Base for music, artists can finally grow their fanbase, easily and in an ultra qualitative way. 

Often, as an emerging or developing artist - whatever the term - you have to be agile on a lot of subjects, making your music, but also your press relations, your booking, your distribution and also your promotion. That's where we come in with the Base for Music platform, because we know that it's very difficult to develop expertise in so many areas, so we bring you our expertise in the field of promotion. 




  • Base for music, what is it? 
  • How does it work? 
  • Which advertisements ? 
  •  Why choose Base for music ? 

Base for music, what is it? 

More concretely, what do we do? Our job is to make your fanbase grow. That's the simplest way to sum us up. How do we do it? You give us your advertising budget, we take care of optimizing the campaigns. That is to say, when you want to make sponsorships on networks for example, or on Spotify, well rather than fumbling around, and most likely making mistakes, you can go through our platform, indicate your needs, and let our technology do it for you.  As we said before, it's hard to develop expertise in all the areas you need to master to make your music stand out. So we're here to share ours.

Have you ever tried to set up a paid advertising campaign on social networks? It's not easy. And on top of that, it's very difficult to get good results from the first campaign. You'll spend a lot of time testing the different settings, precious time that you could have used to make music. 

In the field of online advertising, you have to do dozens and dozens of tests before identifying which lever to activate, how and when to optimize the tool as much as possible. This is an expertise that we have taken the time to develop on our side, and that we are eager to share with you. The objective here is that instead of several attempts, which will make you waste time and money, you will have convincing results from the first attempt. 


How does it work?

On your side, it's simple. Registration is free, which will lead you to a clear, easy-to-use interface, unlike the interfaces of online advertising tools that often look like rocket panels. With us, let the platform guide you, it's intuitive. You choose what type of content you want to promote, a video, or music. Then you determine on which platforms you want to promote your content. Then comes the turn of the targeting. It's easy, you just add the links to your Spotify, YouTube and Instagram pages. Then you set your budget - starting at 50€ - and you're done. 

What about us? Our technology analyzes your existing community, via the links you've given us, and we tailor the campaign accordingly. You don't have to do anything more, we take care of everything. A little extra, you can also target a potential audience according to the fanbase of artists that match your style. For example, you make cloud rap, you can send us the links of the social networks of PNL. 

What kind of advertising?

Now you're wondering what kind of advertising we do, and that's legitimate. We do audio format for Spotify, and video format for Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube. Professional content, rest assured. 

When we design and calibrate these ads, our goal is to get you qualitative fans, rather than a lot of artificial listens. It's much more interesting for your career advancement to have real people following you, rather than trying to reach a large audience, who may not subscribe, who may not be interested in your music. We're going to look for the people who will follow you throughout your career. 




What's next? 

The campaigns will run their course. But our job isn't going to stop there. If you were to start without us, you'd have to gather a lot of data via several interfaces, cross-check it and draw conclusions. In other words, it's a huge job, which, when you're not used to it, is not going to be done in a snap. And we already said it, but it implies to have a solid knowledge in the matter to draw the right conclusions. 

So rather than getting lost in a shapeless and indigestible mass of data, we provide you with everything on a plate, a.k.a. our reporting table. When your campaign is over, you get the statistics from the different platforms, all in one place. A method to understand what worked and what didn't and move forward. 



Why Base for music? 

We've told you how it works, but not why to choose Base for music. The answer is partly in the article, if you've followed it this far. As music industry professionals, we've seen what it's like to struggle to promote your music, especially when you don't know where to look and how to do it. It's a waste of time and money. So we come to share our knowledge, so that these problems disappear from the concerns of independent artists.

Our bonus is that our goal is not simply to increase your views, your statistics, but to create a real fanbase. In fact, having views is good, having fans who follow you is better, much better. We won't promote your music to just anyone, but to listeners likely to adhere to your artistic project. You've got it: we're not interested in big stats, we're looking to consolidate your career over the long term

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