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Spotify Ads: 3 Tips To Make Your Audio Ads Attractive

Spotify Ads: 3 Tips To Make Your Audio Ads Attractive

Making short audio ads sound simple but sometimes it could make you daunting for many days. Even though you’re super ready to publish your Spotify Ads, you just can’t produce an attractive message to cut through the noise and start your music promotion. Here are the 3 tips for having attractive audio ads. 

Why do you need compelling audio ads on Spotify? 

In simple words, Spotify audio ads are 15 to 30 seconds audio spots with an artist’s voice and sound background combined with display ads. Similar to other ads, it will play between tracks around every 15 minutes for 240 million freemium users. So why do Spotify audio ads matter?

Firstly, it generates 60% higher ads recall than 1,600 comparable online ad campaigns. According to Neuro-Insight, Spotify Audio Ads have a 19% higher brand impact than all other media. To learn more, check out our article about Spotify Ads 101.

However, those terms might be a little technical for you; let’s break down what they mean for your music promotion.

We all know how important a good first impression is to unlock or even lock an opportunity. Likewise, the audio ads are the initial moment you engage with your audience in real time. And it will decide whether they will love your music at the first sound to click on or skip away. 

Along with that, the brand personality you show through the ads plays a crucial role in catching people’s attention during their listening experience. It also creates a bond with your listeners as well as builds your quality fan base productively. 

Therefore, if you don’t wanna miss a chance to optimize your Spotify Ads effectively. Here are 3 tips to add power to your audio ads: 

1.Define your message

The audio ads are similarly to negotiation with your potential listeners. However, it’s just one-way communication, and you only have a maximum of 30-second ads to convert them to your fan. Thus, the challenge is you must clearly define your message objectives to deliver an effective ad message. 

Your audio message must be consistent with the objective of your music promotion. For example, if your campaign aims to increase your brand awareness, your message should first introduce yourself and show your personality rather than only straight-up telling people to stream your song. Every campaign has different objectives at different times; make sure you have the right message with the right objective at the right time. 

If you are still confused about your objective, check out our extensive discussion about Spotify Ads’ Objectives.  

2. Know your target audience

Having the right objective but targeting the wrong audience could also destroy all your effort and money for the campaign. Imagine your music genre like Ariana Grande, and you receive audio ads from a rock artist with a strong beat and raspy voice. Will you click on their ads or switch them off right away? 

Audio ads are directed at a more specific audience which increases the success percentage of your campaign efficiently. Therefore, don’t let your effort become useless and become annoying with people don’t interested in it - that is a scenario all of us never want to happen. 

To understand and clarify your target audience, read our previous blog about how to target the right audience.

3. A checklist for your audio script

So now you understand your challenge to capture the audience’s attention in around some seconds. But how to win this task? 

Let’s open your script and check whether it is ready to perform for your future fanbase:  

⬚ Use simple language, and clear structure 

⬚ Put yourself into the audience’s shoes

⬚ End with a specific call-to-action message

⬚ Choose the relevant tone with your song

⬚ Multiple tests on your final audio version 

If you want to learn more about the Spotify audio ads’ script, we will have an extensive guideline in the next blog. Just stay tuned and wait for our newsletter! 

A simple part could consume a lot of time and make your planned promotion wait for a certain time which also can affect your release schedule. At Base For Music, we offer both Automatic Content and Custom Content personalised to your track. With us, you can access your campaign easily and simply keep track through a single dashboard. We help the artist to reach their fan base by generating sponsored campaigns on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube. 

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