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Spotify Ads: Is It Worth It For Your Budget?

Spotify Ads: Is It Worth It For Your Budget?

It is obvious when we mention running music ads, Spotify Ads come at our first thought. Of course, what could be better than creating your ads on the world’s largest music platforms with over 400 million active listeners?

However, we can’t only choose it because of the number of users. It is more about what Spotify Ads could offer to achieve your objectives because every platform is designed for different goals. For example, if you want to boost your Spotify stream, go for Spotify Ads or expose your branding, go for TikTok Ads. To explore more, check out our blog about the top 4 social ad platforms for music promotion. 

Here we give an extensive review of what objectives Spotify Ads can offer you and how you can effectively promote your music. Before going through the review, let’s start with the definition of social ads. 

How do social ads work? 

In simple words, social ads mean you can buy “a placement” on a social platform to advertise your product to reach particular customers and achieve your objectives.

For your music promotion, social ads can help to achieve your goal, but first, you have to set one specific objective before going to other big steps. You have to match your particular purpose to the ad platform you choose before judging whether the social ads platform is effective or not. This is because not every ad platform is built the same. 

Hence, let’s keep in mind two questions: 

  1. What is the specific result your want?
  2. Which social ads platform can support your goal? 

What makes Spotify Ads different? 

Before going to find out what makes Spotify becomes a special advertising platform in every musician’s view. Let’s explore quickly how it works, for more details, read our review about Spotify Ads

How do Spotify Ads work? 

  1. Select your objective. We’ve explained in our blog the importance of objectivity in music promotion. 
  2. Narrow down your audience, choose your potential listeners. To learn more, check out our guidelines to target the right audience
  3. Set your budget with a minimum spend of $250, and you can stop whenever you feel the performance is not effective. 
  4. The last step, upload your image, headline for your ads, enter your URL and submit your message and let Spotify do the rest. 

In general, Spotify has the same process to generate a promotion strategy, so let’s explore its differences compared to other social ads, especially for music promotion services. 

Offer uninterrupted ad experience:

Spotify’s difference is its ad style which aims to engage listeners rather than disrupt them. With an uninterrupted audio advertisement format, you could freely express your identity. Through your audio ad, you can easily grab the audience’s attention while they are going about their daily activities. Unlike other social ads sites requiring users’ interaction and you can only hold their attention if they are actively using the app. 

Find your target audience easier: 

Another plus point of Spotify is it simplifies your journey to find the right target audience through the Fan Targeting feature. Whenever you promote your music, you can simply choose an artist having the same music genre as you and target their fans. It can increase the chance the audience will listen to your music. For example, if your song has a melodious melody and a heartbroken vibe like Olivia Rodrigo, you can promote your harmony to her fans effectively.  

Capture the right moment: 

Spotify Ads’ unique selling point is its ability to match the user’s mood with music ads’ recommendations. This helps you to deliver your music at the right time by awarding the user’s mood based on their listening track. 

Spotify reports that 75% of audiences remember ads that capture their "moment." For example, if you have a bad day, it will suggest an emotional song suitable for your mood. This feature will easily create an impression with the audience by having a personalised connection with them in a real-time context. 

So, is Spotify Ads effective? 

Even though researchers report Spotify Ads are 25% more effective than typical ads, at the end of the day, it’s just a tool to help you reach your objective. Hence, only choosing a relevant platform could make your advertising campaign run effectively. Thus, instead of expecting the famous platform could help your music promotion pays off. Let’s do two vital steps before evaluating whether Spotify Ads is worth your investment:

  • Define your detailed objectives  
  • Choose the right audience 

If you are running ads on Spotify with the simple goal is to put your music out there and expecting popularity - it won’t work. But if your music objective is to sell merchandise, get into a Spotify algorithm playlist, or boost your Spotify stream - Spotify Ads can help you achieve these goals. 

With the unique selling points of Spotify’s algorithms playlist, it could ensure your songs have a higher chance of performing. Moreover, music promotion is one of the keys to using Spotify’s algorithms. It’s important to remember that the more streams and followers you give to Spotify, the better the algorithm will be able to learn the pattern and behaviour of listeners and bring more fans to your account. To learn more, check out our blog about Spotify’s algorithms

If your objective is beyond what Spotify Ads can offer, we recommend you use mixed marketing channels to bring further results. To learn more, join our newsletter and get the first access to our upcoming article about how to use mixed marketing channels. 

Even though the process of using multiple social ads is more effective, it requires prior music marketing knowledge and is hard to keep track of two ad accounts.

 At Base For Music, we simplify the process of running multiple platforms such as Spotify Ads, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Facebook Ads on one dashboard that you can keep track of easily! 

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