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Spotify Ads: Why You Need To Pick The Right Objectives?

Spotify Ads: Why You Need To Pick The Right Objectives?

Every artist wants to make it big. As a result, there are many tools and advertising platforms to assist upcoming artists to run ads for their music to grow their fanbase. However, most artists are making the same mistake - picking the wrong objective for their ads leads to the wrong target audience. Ultimately, this results in poor campaign performance. 

This is especially true with Spotify Ads Studio - where the algorithms work based on your targeting. If you’re still confused about how the tool works, read our review on Spotify Ads.

Since Spotify Ads Studio only offers two objectives (reach and impression), it can be difficult for an upcoming artist to know which objective would be the best for their campaign. 

Hence, to help you reach your goal faster, Base for Music offers a simplified way to run Spotify ads with more objectives available for you. Let's check which objectives we offer that can help you secure the success of your campaign.

Types of Objectives 

In music marketing, determining an objective is one of the most important measurements to see whether your advertising campaign is successful. Without aligning your objectives and strategies, you will be wasting your time and money - a scenario that no artist wants. 

To master the art of music marketing, check out our extensive guide on music promotion. Nevertheless, let’s level up your knowledge on different types of objectives when creating and running your ad campaigns for musicians. 


The engagement objective aims for the user's response to the ads. In other words, the aim of the engagement objective is the user's actions such as following the artist’s page, liking the song, or sharing the song. With the rise of users’ engagement with your song, Spotify algorithms will pick it as a good signal for them to promote your songs to new or similar users. To learn more, check out our musician-friendly guide on Spotify’s algorithms


As straightforward as it sounds, the stream objective is to boost up your song’s streams by targeting users that are likely to enjoy your song’s style and genre. By generating more streams, your song’s popularity grows along with your fanbase. 

Additionally, the more streams you generate also increase the royalties you receive from the song. If you want to have a deeper understanding of streams and royalties, read our guide on music licensing specifically for independent artists.


This objective will aim to present your song to a larger audience to achieve a bigger reach - as the name suggested. By being available where your target audience is, you create the hype & popularity around the works and your brand as an artist. Hence, many artists use to reach out to improve their brand awareness and build their fanbase. 

What objective should you focus on? 

To pick the right objective, you simply need to solidify what you want from your campaign. Different campaign goals will require different objectives. Here are the 3 most common campaign goals along with our suggestion on which Spotify objectives you should focus to effectively achieve your goal. 

Get into Spotify algorithmic playlist

Do you want to know the secret of the Spotify algorithm? The more fans/engagement you bring to your works, Spotify will see it as a good signal to playlist your songs into their algorithmic playlists such as “Release Radar” and “Daily Mixes.” 

To prove that your songs are worth for them to recommend to Spotify users, you should focus on the engagement objectives. The more activities happening on your track/artist’s page, the higher Spotify regards you as an artist. 

Grow your fanbase 

As we often say here, a musician’s bloodstream is their fanbase. Hence, this is one of the main goals when it comes to running Spotify Ads for your work - collecting more fans. With this goal, we recommend you focus on reach. 

However, to efficiently build your fanbase using reach, you need to have your musician identity solidified for people to opt-in to your fan club. Learn more with our article on building your artist’s identity.

Improve your track’s performance

You guessed it right! To better your track’s performance, pick the stream's objective. When measuring a track’s performance, the number of streams is often the key metric. Hence, as simple as it sounds, creating a campaign surrounding the objective of streams will set a foundation for you to reach your goal which is to improve your track’s performance. 

However, to reach the listed objective on Spotify Ads Studio, you would require prior knowledge about music marketing as the ads will run based on your targeting input. 

Hence, at Base for Music, we simplify the process of running ads. From our end, we will customize the targeting and which channels to reach the objective you’ve chosen. 

Our goal is to give artists access to music promotion without the fear of the unknown. By generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify with us, you can reach and grow your fanbase faster. Sign up for your free account today!

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