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Spotify Artist Playlist: Be Your Own Curator To Boost Spotify Visibility

Spotify Artist Playlist: Be Your Own Curator To Boost Spotify Visibility

In our previous blogs, we covered how to get on the Spotify playlists, Spotify Release Radar and pitch for the Spotify Curator playlist. However, one potential key to unlocking your visibility that we haven’t mentioned is Spotify Artist Playlists. Here are our 4 practices to optimize your music career organically.   

Before jumping into the main part, let’s see how this playlist links to the process of “blowing up your visibility”. 

Understanding how Spotify users explore your music 

Spotify is well-known as a music discovery platform. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, users can easily find their music preferences in three main ways: 

  1. Search
  2. Spotify Playlist 
  3. Spotify features on Home Page 

Put yourself into the listeners’ shoes - If you want to enjoy a Christmas song, will you type for a particular piece or search for a Christmas playlist? 

Similar to this situation, the Spotify Artist Playlist feature can increase your chance of getting closer to the audiences’ search results and allow new listeners to discover you naturally.

Why is the Spotify Artist Playlist helpful to level up your “visibility”? 

Promote your new release effectively

This feature allows you to promote not only one song but also your whole discography. Taking this advantage, you can input your songs and add them to the playlist. 

Unlike Spotify Algorithm’s playlist, every song will be displayed based on its performance. With Spotify Artist Playlist, you can control your songs’ placement, which helps you to promote your new release effectively. By simply putting your new track at the top of the playlist, you can increase its traffic every time the audiences open the playlist. Or you can easily achieve your desired traffic by using our Spotify Engagement services. 

Higher chance of getting on Spotify Algorithm Playlists 

The simple logic is that the higher traffic your music gains, the higher the chance Spotify Algorithm recommends your music. Thus, it is crucial to increase your playlist traffic by having multiple traffic channels besides running Spotify Ads or doing organic promotion on social media. The more doors you open for people to find your music, the higher your chance is of getting into Spotify Algorithm playlists. 

To learn more about music promotion on Spotify, check out our review of Spotify Ads.

Approach your “potential fans” more friendly  

The audiences today are smart, especially those who pay for premium subscriptions to enjoy ad-free music experiences. Therefore, the Artist playlist is a friendly way to approach them effectively. However, it is important to ensure they don’t feel that they are listening to “a promotion playlist” and skip it immediately. Let’s diversify your playlist with other matching songs so it doesn’t seem like a complete buy-out or advertisement. 

4 practices to optimize your Spotify Artist Playlist 

Keeping track of your playlist flow

Creating a Spotify playlist seems easy for everyone; however, that case is only for a random playlist. The objective of this playlist is to capture your potential audiences with your highlighted tracks. Therefore, keeping track of your playlist’s proper flow and optimising your audiences’ experience are essential. Nobody wants to be chilling to a ballad and suddenly interrupted by a hip-hop song.

Updating your playlist regularly 

This is not “a one-time” playlist that you do it once and “abandon” right away. Remember to keep your playlist fresh and update it weekly, so the listeners do not see it as “a single-listening playlist”. Also, consistency has always been received as a good signal toward the algorithms if you want them to promote your songs. To learn more, check out our extensive guide to Spotify Algorithms.

Adding your artwork and messages

Similar to your artist profile, you should add eye-catching artworks and engaging descriptions to hook Spotify users before they actually click on your playlist. Last but not least, you should pinpoint the playlist at the top of your verified page so your followers can click on it conveniently. 

To know more, check out our review on Spotify for Artists and how you benefit from it. 

Collaborating with Spotify Artists 

This is a specialized feature for Spotify Artists to boost their visibility to potential audiences organically. You can link with other artists you are featuring in your playlist, or you can do the cross-promotion as a win-win situation. Making a collaborative playlist, then pin it on both of your and the artists' pages by the Artists Pick feature. From that, you can gain visibility from their fans and vice versa. 

However, this is a long run as it requires continuous effort to build your playlists and extend your networking.

Following those tips, you can increase your visibility naturally, but there is little chance of making a big hit overnight. Therefore, if you want to gain traffic and stream in a shorter period, Base for Music can be your solution. 

At Base For Music, we help artists attract the Spotify Algorithm by increasing your Spotify stream strategically to the right audiences via our product, Spotify Engagement. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate your sponsored campaigns across popular social platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. 

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