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Spotify Canvas 101: How To Get Your Tracks Shared by 145%?

Spotify Canvas 101: How To Get Your Tracks Shared by 145%?

On April. 8, 2022, Spotify announced they will test out a new feature that will drastically change the way listeners discover your songs. Inspired by the rise of TikTok, Spotify will launch daily song recommendations with Canvas. Before we jump into how you can utilize Canvas, let’s understand what is this feature all about. 

What Is Spotify Canvas? 

Following the rapid growth of video content, Spotify released Canvas to help artists generate interactive content that better promotes their songs. Canvas is a short looping video that lasts from 3 to 8 seconds that you can add to every track you uploaded on Spotify. It’s used to portray the song’s vibe or message in a visually interactive way.

One of its main features is the ability for listeners to share the video on other social media platforms. With that in place, Spotify recorded some interesting insights after launching its beta version:  

  • Tracks that have Canvas are 145% more likely to be shared on social media
  • 5% of listeners are more likely to continue streaming a song
  • 20% of listeners are more likely to save the track to their playlist 
  • 9% of listeners are more likely to visit an artist page on Spotify 

Currently, Canvas is only available on mobile devices and some countries such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Besides Canvas, to level up your popularity, Spotify also has a tool to help you run ads - check out our review on Spotify Ads Studio. 

What Is The Future Of Canvas?

To further the success of Canvas, Spotify has decided to launch Canvas recommendations - opening a new way for users to discover new music. Spotify will recommend 15 Canvas loops based on users’ listening habits and liked tracks. Hence, every day, users can scroll through a curated selection of Canvas to find out new songs then add them to their playlists or follow the artists. 

For artists, this is a big win as Spotify has finally opened a new way for independent artists to get discovered by listeners organically. Even though the recommendations feature is still in the testing phase, artists can still create Canvas from now. By having Canvas, you will be at the forefront of this upcoming trend. To learn more, check out our article on tips and trends to get more Spotify streams.

Spotify Canvas Tips

To create the best Canvas for your track, here are some tips that will help you along the way: 

1. Set a message  

Instead of jumping into making cool and trendy visuals, you should finalize what is the message you want this Canvas to deliver. Is it to show a snippet of your music video? Or is it to fit the vibe of the song. Once you get the message across instead of random visual, you will increase the chance of the song getting noticed and shared. 

2. Keep it clean

Since Canvas is a loop and only last 3-8 seconds, you should choose footage that can edit to a clean loop without singing or rapping. You can test out different loops on Canvas (continuous, hard cut, and rebound) to choose the best one. Other than that, since the name of the artist and song already show when they view the Canvas, don’t repeat the same information but be creative. 

3. Connect back to the theme

Your Canva can be a great way to solidify your music release’s aesthetic and narrative. For a successful launch, consistency among the bio, album artwork, etc is a key to which Canva can be a great attribute to consistency. To learn more, check out our article on tips for a successful music release. 

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