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Spotify Clips: A new feature to engage with listeners

Spotify Clips: A new feature to engage with listeners

To help the artists can increase their presence on the platform and reach their potential audience, Spotify has created a new playlist feature called Spotify Clips for the Artist Playlists. With this tool, you can easily engage with your audiences through short clips. Let’s find out how it works. 

One point to keep in mind is that this tool only works when you have a fanbase and the audience clicks on your playlist. Hence, this is more of an engagement tool for artists with solid followings. Don’t be discouraged if you are a new player in this music industry and can’t fully use features like this! Another way to build your fanbase is by running ads. For your music promotion campaign, you can start with Spotify Ads. This ad service will maximize your brand by bringing your music to the right audiences. To learn more, read our review about Spotify Ads

What are Spotify Clips? 

Spotify Clips is a new feature to optimise the artists’ playlists which have a similar format to Instagram stories. Due to the rising preference for video content, Spotify has launched this feature to increase Spotify users’ listening experience. Moreover, it helps artists to approach the audience and improve their Spotify engagement rate. 

However, it is only for viewing purposes, so your audience can’t react or reply. Besides, the clips will stay forever, unlike other platforms’ story features within 24 hours.  

If the phrase “Spotify Engagement” is unfamiliar to you, check out our extensive review about Spotify engagement

How to set up your Spotify Clips?

Currently, this tool remains for all musicians with Spotify artist profiles. To activate Spotify Clips, you can start with the following steps: 

Here’re two ways that you can apply for your clips’ content: 

  • Showcase your aesthetic: The listeners love content that can speak about your identity and branding. So whenever you want to attract and engage with listeners, make sure your clips can deliver your aesthetic. 
  • Share an untold story about your music production: People are not only interested in your music, they are also curious about your behind-the-scenes stories that you never tell to the mass media. Therefore, to bring the audiences to your playlist, you can engage with them by telling stories through Spotify Clips. 

This is a new way for artists to connect with listeners at the perfect time and place - on their own Spotify playlist. With the heat of video content preference, your bite-sized content will increase your chance to approach your audience more effectively. 

Through your short clips, you can constantly attract them whenever they click on your playlist and directly communicate with them. To understand the rising demand for video content, you can check out our discussion about the Gen Z strategy for your Spotify Promotion

Besides organic tactics like using Spotify Clips, you can also attract your potential audience using ad services - an effective way for all artists to increase their audience engagement by spreading their popularity in the music industry. To make your promotional journey easier, let us - Base For Music become your right hand!

Base For Music is a simple tool to help you boost your engagement by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences. Moreover, we can also level up your visibility to appear in the broader listener journey. We generate your sponsored campaigns through a simplified dashboard across popular social media platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube.  Try our Spotify Engagement to increase your engagement rate on the Spotify platform. 

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