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Spotify Curator Playlist: A checklist for your pitch description

Spotify Curator Playlist: A checklist for your pitch description

In the last blog about Spotify Editorial Team: Understanding your playlisting process, we mentioned the importance of description to open your chance to get into the Spotify Editorial playlist. 

However, as a musician, you might be unable to write a powerful description on the first attempt. Understanding your concern, we recommend the checklist to help you write a compelling description to attract the curators. Furthermore, this checklist is created based on the Spotify Team’s recommendations. 

What are the Spotify Curator Playlists? 

The Spotify Curator Playlists are the in-house playlists "curated" by Spotify’s music experts. These editorial playlists usually focus on one specific genre and have millions of followers. To get into this playlist, the artists must submit their music to the Spotify Editorial Team at least 7 days before the launch. You might come across Today’s Top Hit or Pop Rising playlists; these are prime examples of Spotify curator playlists. To learn more, read our blog about Spotify Curator Playlist

In case you want to pitch your music for the Spotify Curator Playlist but don’t know where to start, check out our ultimate guideline for sending a perfect pitch to Spotify Curators

Why do you need an attractive description for your pitch? 

According to Spotify Editors, the description is the essential connector between your release and them. Besides, they also claimed that a pitch stands out when it comes with a good description that can describe the song’s context. Therefore, an attractive description is critical to a higher chance of your music being playlisted

Furthermore, it also plays a vital role in better allocating your music to the correct Spotify playlists and opening more doors for further opportunities, such as Global music programs and upcoming marketing initiatives on Spotify. 

Checklist for your Spotify Pitch Description: 

To make sure your description can fulfill the Spotify Editors’ expectations as well as increase your chance of getting into the playlist, let’s check whether your playlist pitching is ready to submit or not: 

⬚ Add your social media links.

⬚ Answer 5W + 1H questions - Who made your song with you? Why did you make it? When was it made? Where did you make it? How did you make it? If there’s any exciting story, you can also write it down. The editors would like to know more about you and your song. 

⬚ Provide your promotional plans, such as running ads or doing cross-marketing.

⬚ Input your release schedule. 

⬚ Include your video or concert plans if possible.

⬚ If you have a playlist in mind, write it down then the editors will consider it.  

There are 60,000 pitches submitted to Spotify per day. Therefore, you need to show your consistent effort to let the editors see your music is worth being promoted over others. Besides, they care for external factors such as how you plan to promote your track and how much this song means to your music career. Let’s stand out your pitch with a detailed promotion plan apart from the playlisting. 

With many competitors, waiting for their response can take a long time. Some artists must wait months until their songs can find the right playlist. And you don’t want to be the one that keeps silent and waits for the result. 

Have control over getting your song popular by running ads on social platforms such as Spotify Ads. It can boost your song’s visibility and spread it to your target audiences. To learn more, check out our extensive review of Spotify Ads

Nevertheless, if you struggle to run your Spotify Ads by yourself, let’s Base For Music become your easy solution - we help artists start their music exposure with a simple click. 

To get extra traction for your release, you can promote it on Spotify Ads and various platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube without worrying about its lengthy process. At Base For Music, you’re able to generate sponsored ad campaigns via multi-marketing channels under one single dashboard. 

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