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Spotify Editorial Team: Understanding your playlisting process

Spotify Editorial Team: Understanding your playlisting process

In previous articles, we have repeatedly mentioned the power of the Spotify Curator playlist for the artists and provided an ultimate guideline to win your pitching with the Spotify Team. Today, we’ll discuss how they analyze your song and playlisted it into well-known playlists like Today’s Top Hits and Rap Caviar.

If you aim to level up your career with a Spotify playlist, this article is for you. Here is the insight from Spotify’s internal team.  

Who is the Spotify Editorial Team? 

As the artists who already submitted their music for Spotify Curator Playlist, you may be familiar with the phrase Spotify Editorial Team. They are the “authors” behind the Spotify million views playlist. Simply put, they are the music experts who listen carefully to your pitch and make data-informed decisions to select the resonating playlist for your new music. 

There are nearly 200 Spotify Editors working in 183 countries to bring the best listening experience for Spotify users and give the discovery opportunity for the artists. They aim to promote the music to the right audiences at the right time. 

Understanding your playlisting process 

Over 60,000 tracks are updated on the Spotify Playlist Curator daily means the editorial team must listen to lots of music. And in a short time, they have to deliver the songs to the most relevant playlists. 

Along with their strict criteria, your piece needs to travel through numerous rounds and even “fly” to different countries to find the best destinations. To find the “golden ticket” for your pitch, it is essential to understand the playlisted process and apply the tips to optimize your song placement.  

Select the music genre

There are thousands of pitches in their library, and it will be hard if they pick a random song to review. They filter the library using three categories: genre, mood and activity. Besides, they also check your pitch based on various points of countries, cultures and universes. But the genre still is the key to deciding your playlist placement. 

Each editor is an expert in different kinds of music. They know exactly where is the best “home” to bring your music to the target audience’s library. Therefore, remember to select the right genre for your pitch so the right editor can promote it the best. For example, how if a jazz editor reviews your hip-hop song and vice versa? Will they see your song’s potential and choose the right playlist?    

Go around the music market

To bring the right destination for your song, the editors need to update their music knowledge every second. After they select a kind of music genre, they will go around the music market, countries’ culture and broader entertainment market to keep track of the latest trends. Afterwards, they can categorise your song better with not only the relevant playlist but also the trending ones. 

So the tip to take away is that you should research the trends and the best moment to make your release a big hit. 

Read your description

Remember, don’t leave your description blank; it will significantly impact your playlisted process. 

According to the Spotify Editorial Team insight, a pitch stands out when it comes with a description. They would like to enjoy your music and find out about you through your sharing. From that, they can easily understand you and your song’s context to make decisions more effectively. There is no strict rule on how to write a pitch. You can freely design your pitch by telling your background, story, and the song’s meaning with your career. 

Apart from your background stories, the editors also care about external factors like your music activity and your release preparations. To get the “plus point” with the team, you should send your promotional plans and release schedule. They can be your plan for running social ads or your organic marketing with a specific timeline. Let’s show your consistent effort to the editors, so they see your music worth promoting than thousands of other pieces outside. 

Furthermore, if you have the playlist in mind, you can write it into this section, and they will better consider your song. Last but not least, remember to input your social media links to make your playlisted process more convenient for the editors. 

The Spotify editorial team also used that information to have internal conservation to provide more opportunities for the artists, such as the Global music programs and upcoming marketing initiatives on Spotify.  

Keep track of your song performance 

The journey of pitching does not simply stop when your song lands on the Spotify editorial playlist. It is a long journey with various opportunities to move on. When you join a Spotify playlist, it’s only the beginning of your Spotify Playlist Pyramid journey - a playlist ecosystem in which all the playlists work together. 

There are many paths to land on the top of this pyramid: great playlists like Pop Rising or Today’s Top Hits. However, success depends on how much your song can stand out. 

The playlisted process is a step-by-step term. In simple words, the editor will put your song in a relevant playlist or even a small one to test and nurture your piece. If your music ranks high among this playlist, it can branch out to more playlists and gradually expand its popularity. Besides, the Spotify editors work together in a Global Creation Group, so they can easily discuss your music and “move” it into the playlists in different countries. 

In contrast, the pitch won’t always be playlisted since there are over thousands of tracks submitted to the Spotify Team. Spotify also claimed that around 20% of all pitches make it to at least one Editorial playlist. And if you are in the remaining 80%, don’t be discouraged. There is other ways to gain popularity for your new release instead of starting with the playlist. You can take the first step with music ads to gain similar results. 

This is an effective way to expose your song and boost your brand's popularity. Besides, it is also a great tool to trigger Spotify Algorithms and increase your chance of getting into the algorithm playlists. In case you want to begin your music exposure with Spotify, check out our review of Spotify Ads Studio

Nevertheless, if you want to get your music more traction on various platforms but are struggling with the lengthy process, you can choose Base For Music as the easy solution - where we help you run ads as simply as one click. 

At Base For Music, we help artists promote their Spotify releases by exposing their music strategically via multi-marketing channels. Through a simplified dashboard, we generate sponsored ad campaigns across popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

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