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Spotify Enhance: A New Way To Vibe Check Your Song

Spotify Enhance: A New Way To Vibe Check Your Song

To improve the listeners’ experience, Spotify has created a new “Enhance Button” feature. However, this button is not only used to expand Spotify users’ satisfaction, but also help the artists to identify how Spotify Algorithm sees and categorises your music. This data can help you to make data-driven decisions for your music career. 

Before we jump into how you can utilise Enhance Button, let’s understand what this feature is about. 

What is the Spotify Enhance button? 

It is a personalised recommendation, so the suggested songs will have a similar vibe to the rest of the playlist. Currently, this feature is only available for premium subscribers on all devices. 

Why Spotify had this updated? 

As we mentioned earlier, this button aims to increase the paying users’ experience so it can keep them paying for Spotify Premium. 

Furthermore, Spotify wants to better refine the users’ experiences by involving its algorithm to explore the users’ listening habits deeply. By studying the users’ playlists, it can improve their listening satisfaction and better understand their taste of music

Why should you use this Enhance Button? 

As an artist, you need to strive to trigger the Spotify Algorithm so you can prove how your music worth being recommended. However, the journey to achieve that doesn’t have a specific direction, and no one can tell you the right way or not. With no clue and actual data from Spotify, you can feel lost and confused when do music promotion to attract the algorithm.

If you feel the phrase “Spotify Algorithm” is unfamiliar, check out our guide on Spotify Algorithm

The “enhance button” will help you point out how the Spotify Algorithm sees your music. By analysing its enhanced recommendations, you can better understand what music categories you are in, how Spotify selects your music vibe and which group of artists you are similar to. 

You can also use that information as a trick when doing music promotion. By analysing similar artists, you can get inspiration from how they build their brand, promote their music and grow their fanbase. Besides, this information also can help you use the Fan Targeting feature on Spotify Ads Studio. In case you want to know more, read our complete guide to target on the right audience for your ads

How To Vibe Check With Spotify Enhance 

1. Enhance your playlist 

At the top of your playlist, click on the “enhance button” to activate the Spotify algorithm. It will analyse your current songs and suggest a new song on every two tracks with a green symbol. 

2. Analyze how Spotify Algorithm sees your music 

This practice will give you the results of your consistent effort with the Spotify Algorithm. It also reflects whether your music can get into the right Spotify playlist - a spot-on feature to boost your stream every time we mention about Spotify Algorithm. 

If you feel the concept of “Spotify playlists” is unfamiliar, check out our extensive review.  

3. List your group of artists

It’s time for you to note which artists appear in your playlist recommendations. Write down their name and take your time to research their brand and their music to understand if Spotify Algorithm sees your music the same as you expect. Besides, you can also find some marketing inspirations from their music career. 

4. Use Fan Targeting for your Spotify Ads

If you’re planning to invest in Spotify Ads, this feature will play a significant role in your ads strategy. Following the listed artists from your playlist, you can choose a potential artist to set your target listeners toward the Fan Targeting feature - an effective tool to help your ad campaigns reach the right audiences.

To learn more about advertising on Spotify, check out our extensive review of Spotify Ads. Or, in case you are still confused about the term “target audience”, read more of our discussion to reach the right listeners

Besides, you can choose Base for Music as an option to get into Spotify Algorithmic playlist. At Base for Music, we aim to ensure all the artists can actively promote their music with our simplified process. Through our single dashboard, you can also generate sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and Spotify. 

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