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Spotify Featured Curators - What To Know For Your Pitching?

Spotify Featured Curators - What To Know For Your Pitching?

In the realm of Spotify’s playlists, there are two types: Spotify’s official playlist and the user’s playlist. Most of the user’s music discovery is through these playlists. Hence, as an independent artist, it’s important to thrive and get playlisted on both. To learn more, check out our article on how to get on a Spotify playlist

However, as it’s getting harder and harder to get playlisted on Spotify’s official playlists, more artists come to rely more on independent playlist curators. The recent feature that Spotify plans to launch will definitely change the playlisting game - Spotify Featured Curators. 

What Spotify Featured Curators is?

To put it simply, Featured Curators is a new way that Spotify will push more user-generated content to listeners - meaning independent playlists will get displayed on your homepage besides the regular “New Music Friday” or “Rap Cavier.” With this in place, Spotify hopes to create authentic connections

But this doesn’t mean everyone’s playlist will get displayed, Spotify will push playlists with established followings and popularity with unique stories through playlists to promote. Nevertheless, the curator community is very excited about this feature.

How it can benefit you? 

This might be an obvious one but the reality is that major labels are the ones that benefit the most from Spotify’s official playlist. Studies reveal that major labels own up to 70% of the music featured in the ‘New Music Friday’ playlist on Spotify. Hence, the new Spotify feature will shift the influence of Spotify’s official playlist to independent playlists - opening a new and prominent space for your song placement.

Compared to official playlists, pitching to independent playlists has a higher chance of success for an independent artist. Since with official playlists, you need to passively wait for Spotify’s in-house curators to approve your songs through the pitching system on Spotify for Artist. With an independent playlist, you can actively network and pitch your song directly. To learn more, check out our article on how to network within the music industry. 

Tips for pitching 

To help you with your pitching journey, here are some tips from us. Check out our extensive guide on how to send the perfect pitch to Spotify’s independent curators. 

1. Be relevant 

Without seeing the relevance in your works and the curator’s playlist, it is almost impossible for your song to get picked by the curators. For example, you wouldn’t want to submit your RnB track to an EDM playlist. 

2. Utilize technology

Besides contacting curators through message and email, many platforms help you with pitching and networking. Among all, Groover has the easiest setup and a wide range of curators to that you can pitch your songs to. After setting up your account, the platform will open you up to the network with 1485 playlist curators, radios, and music professionals in the music industry. 

3. Grow your popularity 

At the end of the day, the more popular you are, the higher your chance of getting noticed and picked by curators. Hence, besides sending out your pitch, focusing on growing your popularity will help this process tremendously. To help with this, Spotify also has a tool for you to run ads - check out our review on Spotify Ads Studio. 

To simplify the process of using the tool, at Base for Music, we help grow your popularity with simple clicks to run ads. By generating sponsored campaigns across social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify), your music gets heard by a new group of audience every day which helps you to boost your music exposure.

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