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Spotify For Artists: Our Review In Brief

Spotify For Artists: Our Review In Brief

To help artists appear professionally to their fans, Spotify has created a specialized tool - Spotify for Artists. However, can Spotify for Artists help you, as an indie artist, to elevate your career? Here are our reviews to give you a better answer.

What is Spotify For Artists?

Spotify for Artists is an add-on tool specialized for its artists. Once you sign up for the tool, you can easily access your artist profile and reach more features to optimise your Spotify account. 

Pros and Cons of Spotify For Artists 

Pros of Spotify For Artists 

  • Legitimate Yourself 

Spotify for Artists allows you to gain more trust from your audience. When you have an artist account, you can tailor your profile to appear more professional with a “blue tick” account, regardless of whether you’re a signed artist. It also allows independent artists to manage profiles, pitch new music to Spotify playlists and celebrate new releases. So whenever you release new tracks or post your status, your followers will get the notification and support your new pieces. 

  • Understand Your Audience 

Apart from “highlighting” your profile among other users, Spotify for Artists helps you understand how your listeners interact with your music. With the Audience Insight feature, you can make relevant decisions based on data to connect with your fanbase. Also, it will help you make more effective decisions whenever you launch your new releases or promote your music. If you want to learn more about promoting your Spotify tracks, check out our review about Spotify Ads

Cons of Spotify For Artists 

  • Restricted To Only Spotify Data 

The biggest con of Spotify for Artists is it only displays Spotify native data, whereas music promotion is usually a multi-platform effort to promote your brand across Facebook ads, Youtube ads or TikTok ads. Your audiences can come from various channels, and relying only on Spotify data to make the decision can limit your opportunity to grow as an artist. Therefore, as an experienced artist with music marketing, Spotify for Artist dashboard can be very restrictive.  

Simply put, Spotify for Artists could be a great tool to optimise your Spotify profile if you only want to manage and boost your performance on one platform. However, if you want to achieve the new stages of your music career, you will need more than Spotify and its dashboard to make it big. The most effective way to expand your visibility is mixed marketing on various platforms, such as Facebook Ads or Youtube Ads. We will discuss how to use mixed marketing as an independent artist in our new article; sign up for our newsletter!  

At Base for Music, we simplify the process of running ads with various options for the artists. Our goal is to give artists access to music promotion without the fear of the unknown. By generating sponsored ad campaigns across popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify with a single dashboard, you can expand your music career effectively. 

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