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Spotify Marketing Tool: Our extensive reviews

Spotify Marketing Tool: Our extensive reviews

Regarding music marketing, Spotify is an ideal platform to expose yourself as an artist - being the number one streaming platform. Understanding the artists’ demand, Spotify updates new features constantly to let their artists promote themselves to over 400 million potential listeners. 

But do you know how many marketing tools Spotify provides at the moment? Which tool is suitable for your objectives? and How can you leverage your success through those tools?

Here are our extensive reviews to give you better answers about Spotify tool’s benefits on your music marketing.

Promoting your music with Spotify Ads Studio 

When we mention Spotify tools, Spotify Ads Studio stands out as the first candidate. It is a self-serve ad platform for freemium accounts available for every artist. You can reach the target audiences based on their music taste and grow your fanbase effectively in an instant time. Spotify Ads is a tool to speed up your performance and boost your visibility among millions of Spotify users

Even if it is a great investment to blow up your tracks, it requires prior knowledge to define your objectives and your target audiences to ensure people receive your ads and won’t ignore them immediately. To learn more about its pros and cons, check out our review on Spotify Ads

If you want to expand your horizon instead of sticking to only Spotify, Base for Music can also be your choice. We simplify the process of running ads by generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify with a single dashboard. Claim your free account today!

Boosting your stream with Spotify Playlists  

Spotify’s spot-on algorithm has brought “overnight success” to hundreds of artists through its playlists. From the artist’s view, it is an effective tool to expose your music with thousands of streams - and as an experienced music marketer, we agree with it. When your track gets into a relevant playlist, your song can attract more potential listeners, increase your stream, and naturally grow your fanbase. 

There are three types of Spotify playlists: Editorial playlists, Algorithmic playlists and Listener playlists. Editorial and Algorithm playlists are the two that receive the greatest attention when they quickly spread your song to numerous audiences. However, the process of getting into those playlists is not simple. With the Editorial playlist, you have to pitch with the Spotify in-house team for over 7 days. The scenario for the Algorithm is a long journey when it relies on your practices to trigger Spotify Algorithm. 

The process to get into those Spotify playlists highly depends on your consistent effort to expand your visibility. At Base for Music, you can ease your burden because we can increase the chance for your song to be playlisted in the relevant playlists by generating ads to send a good signal to the algorithm for you.

If you’re still confused about the process of being playlisted on Spotify playlist. Check out our guidelines to get on the right playlist or our friendly guide to trigger Spotify algorithms

Optimizing your account with Spotify for Artists 

Spotify for Artist is an add-on feature for artists to help them appear more professional among their fans. This exclusive account allows you to legitimate yourself and understand your audiences through Spotify’s performance analytics. 

If you want to learn more about this tool, check out our review about Spotify for Artists. 

Upcoming tools from Spotify 

To help your releases attract new listeners, Spotify has created two upcoming tools as a beta-testing feature for all the artists. From now, these tools are only available in some countries such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

Expanding your fanbase with Spotify Marquee 

Spotify Marquee is the latest personalised advertising feature to promote your new releases. This tool aims to help you raise awareness of your releases to potential listeners and maintain your existing engagement. 

If you’re going to release your track and want to explore more, read our review about Spotify Marquee. Or, if you’re going to use it as a tool to double your Spotify stream, check out our previous blog

Attracting your audience through Spotify Canvas 

Spotify Canvas was created with the inspiration of TikTok. Its looping video feature helps the artists generate interactive content in their track to promote it better in 8 seconds. This is an exciting way to portray your song’s vibe and message appealingly. 

If you see this as an interesting tool to impress your audience, check out our tips to leverage your Spotify Canvas

As an artist, Spotify is a great platform to leverage your music career. Through its various marketing tools, you can expand your visibility, grow your fanbase and boost your stream effectively. 

However, if you want to expand your brand over a single platform by promoting on both Spotify and other advertising platforms, Base For Music will be a great choice for you. We simplify the process of running ads with various options for the artists by generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify with a single dashboard. 

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