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Spotify Marquee: How Do You Double Your Spotify Streams?

Spotify Marquee: How Do You Double Your Spotify Streams?

Marquee is a full-screen sponsored recommendation catered towards listeners who have shown interest in your previous releases. Users who receive a Marquee ad were found to stream 17 percent more than those who don’t - making it becomes the talk of the town. So here’s everything you need to know about the feature: 

What is Spotify Marquee?

Marquee campaign is a native advertising format catering to both Spotify free and premium users. Appearing as a relevant notification that reflects their activity on the platform, and alerts them about their favourite artist's newest releases.

Starting from a $250 investment - you’re paying-per-click for those who did select to discover your release. You can choose your target audience, from your reachable audience, to lapsed, recently have shown interest in your music, and casual listeners. 

This provides a huge advantage since the ever growing database of music Spotify is generating, with an estimated 70.000+ artists available on their catalog every day. In such a large database of music, it can be difficult to stand out, which is why music promotion can be an important tool for you. 

To create a marquee campaign:

How to Create a Marquee | Spotify for Artists

Is Spotify marquee worth it?

If we are talking about ​​increasing engagement, the answer is yes. The statistics so far have shown a 25% increase in “save to library”, personal playlists up to 15%. Prove that this tool is perfect to remind users who have shown interest in your music and have potential to accumulate streams for other releases in your discography. 

The alternative concern which is the $0.50 pay-per-click rate is the amount of streams you have to receive to break even as an independent artist - this would be explored in-depth in our upcoming review on the service. Sign up for our newsletter! 


Why should you use Spotify Marquee?

  1. To present your release in a music-only platform
  2. Lead your audience to your entire discography 
  3. Continuing the momentum lead by previous releases
  4. Monitor the click-through rate of your audience throughout the campaign

However, to properly use this tool, you would require prior digital marketing knowledge.This is why Base for Music can help you simplify these processes by generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. Sign up for your free account today!

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