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Spotify Pre-save Link 101: How Can You Create One?

Spotify Pre-save Link 101: How Can You Create One?

In this day and age, people want convenience when listening to or discovering new music. Understanding this, many major labels come up with Spotify Pre-Save Link to answer this demand for easy music access. 

Unlike many assume, a pre-save link is not an official feature from Spotify. However, you can still use and enjoy its benefits. But how can you create a Pre-Save Link for your Spotify upcoming release? Here’s our comprehensive overview of Spotify Pre-Save and how you can maximize its benefits for your music promotion.

What Is Spotify Pre-Save Link?

To put it in one sentence, a pre-save link allows your fan to automatically add your song to their libraries once the song is released. Because of this nature, the Spotify Pre-Save link is more for the artists that already have a fanbase as it works more as an engagement tool. 

Why would you want to create a Spotify pre-save link?

Often enough, it’s easy to forget if your fan only encounters a simple new music announcement. With a pre-save link, you allow them to have the first access to your tracks; the link allows your fans to pre save the song directly to their Spotify library

Moreover, think about your pre-launch music campaign, the tool is a perfect addition. This is because it allows you to interact with your fans more and have a next step for them to take instead of simply waiting for the new song to drop. Here are some ways in which you can use Spotify pre-save link to promote your music:

  • Promote your artist’s pre-save link using marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Send your fans a private message or email with your pre-save link.

However, one thing to remember is the way you use Spotify pre-save link should depend on your target audience and the platform you promote it with. To learn more, check out our blog to understand your target audience

How Can You Create a Spotify Pre-Save Link?

As we mentioned earlier, this is not an official feature so to use it, you need to go through a third-party distributor. Here are some of the options we would recommend: 

  • Presave: Its name tells everything. This is an exclusive platform that serves as a pre-save campaign. You can build your Pre-save link by entering your release details, and release date, and creating your page. Afterward, this tool will instruct you to input your DSP track URLs. For this preserve link, you need to invest €9 per month for its package. 
  • Hyperfollow: This is a part of DistroKid -  a digital music distribution for artists. Hyperfollow is created for pre-saved campaign purposes. You can simply log in to Distrokid, click on Hyperfollow, upload your release’s information, and be done. If you distribute your music using DistroKid, your pre-save link will have no extra cost. 
  • Smart URL: The same as Hyperfollow, SmartURL also creates the landing page for you. However, this tool will need your knowledge of coding because the process is a bit complicated and you need to register and buy its package to activate it. 

In the end, the pre-save campaign benefits to gain more appeal for your release. However, you need a further plan to keep the heat of your music after its launches on Spotify and another social media. One of the most effective ways to expose your music is Spotify Ads - a tool to maximize your song’s popularity by bringing it to the right audience among 261 million free listeners. To learn more, read our review about Spotify Ads

Furthermore, Base For Music is also a simple tool to help you keep the success of your new song by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences. Besides, we can also increase your song’s performance to appear in the broader listener journey. We generate your sponsored campaigns through a simplified dashboard across popular social platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. Try our Spotify Engagement to promote your new release on the Spotify platform. 

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