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Spotify Promotion: 5 Things TikTok Musicians Are Doing Right

Spotify Promotion: 5 Things TikTok Musicians Are Doing Right

Since TikTok captured the attention of society since early 2021, debate has been developing regarding its impact on the music industry. Many TikTok musicians found it enticing with the idea that they might become famous with just one song and have their popularity transfer to streaming services - but in reality, it is difficult to just post and hope the app will bless your track with viral success. Here's how the app can benefit your Spotify promotion & streams.


There’s so much reports on TikTok’s influence on the music industry, but in this article we won't give you just a glimpse of why you should hop on the app, but rather a breakdown on why it works and how you can secure a spot on TikTok’s hyper-personal recommendation which then help to increase your streaming numbers on Spotify - we call it the TikTok-to-Spotify pipeline.


 In short, here's what you need to do: 

  1. Actively create a variety of content using memorable parts of your audio 
  2. Comment on top videos to boost recommendation
  3. Generate buzz around your pre-release
  4. Put Spotify links in your TikTok Bio
  5. Run music promotion 

Spend time on the app and create content using your audio

Creating fitting content for TikTok isn’t about trying to create a viral moment, but rather how you create content around your audio’s fitting soundbites. 

And the effects roll out as you try and experiment with different types of content, from how-to's, to funny, relatable, or even thoughtful. You can also check out our tips on targeting the right audience for your music.

Creating content and making music for TikTok is also an art in itself, the more you experiment, the outcome will show a rise in exposure.

Getting yourself native to the platform can be a huge boost in terms of creating genuine connection between you and your followers. 

Generate buzz before your official release

The TikTok to Spotify pipeline is a prevalent phenomenon that has a distinctive connection between sharing users on both platforms. In short, a spike in TikTok views means a spike in Spotify streams. Those who utilize the platform to boost popularity on TikTok are generating buzz on the platform, which converts to Spotify plays via user generated playlist placement that appears on manual search, but you can also check out our guide on how to get on Spotify's playlists.

Maintain music promotion alongside TikTok virality

TikTok presents an opportunity to go viral alongside driving extreme listenership for songs that appear on the platform, but it is unpredictable and only provides a kickstart to your name. Alongside the virality, you should maintain music promotion activities as the most reliable way to build your career.

Having a promotion partner that can help you deliver across platforms like Base For Music is the best way for you to actively promote and gain more streams - signalling to algorithms that many users enjoy your music so they can confidently push your content & music to other users. You can learn more in our extensive guide on music promotion

To start actively promoting your music, you can run ads using music promotion services like Base for Music - generating sponsored campaigns across popular social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify.

Understand that TikTok benefits, but not the only platform that affects streams

Although the data prove the drive from TikTok to Spotify promotion is a ratio that is not stable, the rising numbers of TikTok musicians proves otherwise. It takes time to get familiar with promoting yourself on TikTok, and testing what works on the platform to intrigue people to your music. And if social media isn't your native language, you can read more about our tips on how to gain streams on Spotify.

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