The Instagram algorithm

In order to optimize the use of its Instagram profile, it is essential to understand how the algorithm of this network works. It is the central element that dictates the emphasis of a particular publication. You will find here the essential points to optimize your work on Instagram.


Artificial intelligence takes precedence over the relevance of the content for each Instagram user. It is this rule that dictates the appearance of a content and no longer, depending on the temporality of a publication. The more a user has interacted with content on your page, comment like-sharing, the more your new publications will appear on his news feed, even if it has already been published for several hours... It is therefore essential to encourage users to interact with your publication, by indicating it in your content or in the caption, so that they can take action on your publication. If you are regularly on video content, encourage your users at the end of the video to share your video. If you're more into image content, encourage them in your caption to comment on it so that they can give their opinions or by asking them to identify friends.

Organic visibility

On the user (fan) side, its news feed is composed according to two main factors. The first is based on the relationship he has with the profile in question, i.e. the profiles he has commented on, liked or watched stories with. This visibility is thus linked to the relevance mentioned in the previous point. Having this in mind will allow your future publications to appear more organically in the news feed of your followers. The second factor is the interest of a publication. The algorithm will identify, according to the different interactions of a user, if they are similar to your publications and thus propose them or not. Depending on your style and profile, you should be interested in "competing" pages that are aimed at an audience similar to yours. For example, for electro, go find out which users interact with the @cerclemusic account and connect with that audience: DM, sponsored publication, likes and so on... This is applicable no matter what your profile is, i.e., get interaction with new users.

Points not taken into account

Firstly, the type of content posted has no impact on the algorithm, whether video or photo, no difference is made by the algorithm. The algorithm also does not take into account the hashtags chosen, they are only useful when a user makes a precise search for content. Last but not least, a business account has no more chance to be favored than a classic account.

This advice is valid on the current state of the Instagram algorithm. This one is constantly changing, we will adapt our advice to each of these evolutions.