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The new wave of French rap

The new wave of French rap

From JMK$ to Khali, passing by Tedax Max, we plunged head first into the French rap scene to try to distinguish what we could call the new wave. After having listed the artists we appreciate (even if we would have liked to put more), we allowed ourselves a little focus on DMV and plug music, which are gaining more and more exposure. Finally, we'll drop some interesting sources to see what's going on in the new wave of French rap.  

If rap is the number one music style (almost) everywhere in the world, it is thanks to its great stylistic variety: there is something for everyone. Such emulation around a genre can only be beneficial for the genre itself, but it also generates a negative aspect, that of copying, or of the musical recipe used endlessly. When a certain sound is successful, it is doubled again and again until it is disgusting. This is normal, as the saying goes, it's the price of fame. 

Another aspect of this great exhibition is that there are many people on the spot, many people. Doing rap today is very attractive, so of course, many people try it. And the more people there are trying, the less easy it is to get ahead. Today, an artist who breaks through is an artist who brings something to music, a new artistic proposal. It is these artists that we want to talk about today, the artists of the new wave of French rap. 

First of all, it's obviously not possible to talk about all the new rappers who bring a stone to the building. What we're going to do is that instead of going on a hunt for new rappers like we would go on a Pokemon hunt, we're just going to tell you about the artists we love at Base. Yeah, maybe your favorite rapper won't be in the article, but drop by DM and let us hear it! 



Tedax Max, mighty rapper 

He was discovered via the YouTube channel Successors and his track "Véhicule Allemand" in June 2020. And it didn't take much to join the tight ranks of the brand new fan base that the rapper is developing. He brings a great care to his writing, and this is what we liked most about him. Far from the easiness of a popular music where the texts must be simple and accessible, he chisels like a goldsmith, take for example: "Life is only a short film, we take age, mileage. We think that money, German vehicle, everyone takes himself for what he is not". And that's not all, because in 2020, he also releases "MAXAVELI" or "La Drillotiere". Balls that will be sanded indefinitely, until this blessed day of January 1, 2021, when appeared on streaming platforms, the project "Forme Olympique". This was followed by "Forme Olympique : middle season" another important milestone for the rapper, before creating the surprise and landing in the studios of Colors for a furiously effective freestyle. In short, the rapper is already forging a good reputation by achieving a faultless record very promising for the future. 


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Khali the leader 

It is difficult to define if a particular rapper is part of the new wave of French rap, but with Khali, you can't go wrong. He arrives with a nasal song, which shakes the listener, appeals to him for sure. The artist had tweeted some time ago: "Game change or I stop" before releasing his project "LAÏLA". If this tweet was a kind of ultimatum to himself to pass a course, we must say that it was successful. Because "LAÏLA" should act as a marker in 2021. What it brings in terms of sounds and universe, is incomparable. With Khali, one retains especially the superb melancholy which emerges from its melodies, a melancholy which makes good, cathartic, essential in our time. 


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Chanceko for fun  

We watch for the slightest movement of Chanceko online with greed. The slightest freestyle, the slightest interview, the slightest snippet to try to satiate an insatiable hunger. Since that day in July 2020, when the rapper landed all smiles on Bad Luv de 99 with DMS, nothing is the same. Since that day when the now famous "I don't care about fashion week, the outfit is fantastic" resonates for the first time on our speakers, nothing is the same. Chanceko is the king of the melo that takes in the guts, the one that stays in the skull, that haunts you. In any case, another prolific artist, who never leaves us without news. Whether it is with freestyles filmed on the fly or bangers like Gova, the rapper is well present in 2021. 


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So La Lune aims high

We discovered So in 2019 with his title Billy. What a pleasure at the time, to hear this voice sung so particular, slightly trembling, that we will learn to overkill. Beyond his music, it is also the universe that develops around it that impresses, giving him a very particular aura in this scene. A strong position, which will always carry him further. The rapper flies over 2021 with - among other things - three memorable EPs: Théia, Satellite and Orbite. The artist is working hard, you can feel it, and works to consolidate his fan base by being ultra prolific. 


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JMK$ under the same star

He is everywhere JMK$. It's not easy to keep track of him because he's so productive. With 8ruki, with F & Zeu, with Zamdane, with Azur... He multiplies the connections. And by playing on all the tables, he develops an ease to adapt to all types of musical grounds. His throbbing flow, sometimes sung, sometimes kicked, marks the spirits. His universe is already well refined, and he will quickly make you forget that he is "the son of". Moreover, we will not say of whom, the artist is enough to himself and his filiation does not have any importance so much his art puts him in light.


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Plug Music & DMV for more cleavages

Often, when an artist comes up with a new proposal, it creates a debate. With the artists who follow, we reach the top of the cleavage on the networks. Very recently, it is the YouTubers Amin & Hugo who seized the phenomenon to deze it properly. And the artist who triggered this torrent of hatred is Serane. With Money Dance for example, he arrives completely off beat on a languorous prod. Some cry genius, others speak of inconsiderable rubbish. Let us remember the torrents of hatred that Koba La D took when he arrived in the game. Those torrents that probably helped him at some point. Maybe it will be the same for Serane? A bad ad is still an ad. In any case, if he has his place here, it's because he brings something new to the French rap scene, something we've never seen before. And in the same vein, we find artists with great potential, like 8ruki, from the 8scuela crew, or the Quebecer Rowjay. 


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Where to dig the new FR wave ? 


Young media to follow on the networks only, La Pépite is faithful to its name, and will highlight artists in construction, that we will have pleasure to follow. Let you carry by their expertise, you are in good hands. 

Just like La Pépite, Pastel delivers its knowledge on social networks. Specialized by the underground scene, we know that behind it there are real enthusiasts, and it's a pleasure to read. Special mention for the secondary account, Pastel for education. The ideal account for those who want to discover the jobs in the music industry. 

Go ahead and subscribe to this YouTube channel, whose mission is to highlight the talents of tomorrow. As we said, it's on Successors that we listened to Tedax Max for the first time, but he's not the only one to have his video there, since we also find Khali, Squidji, or La Fève.

Great source of information, the Alchimist media has for editorial line to talk about music, but also art and fashion. Present on Twitter but also on Insta, the team that takes care of the project brings a very qualitative expertise to this game. 

There, now you have the keys to start digging by yourself. Because, as we said, we are far from having an exhaustive panel of what is currently being done. Besides, there is nothing better than discovering a rare pearl by yourself. So you know what you have to do. And if you discover cool stuff, come and make us listen to it!

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