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Top 4 Mistakes When Artists Run Spotify Ads

Top 4 Mistakes When Artists Run Spotify Ads

Recently, Spotify revealed nearly 2 million free users are dodging ads due to the excessive frequency of Spotify Ads lately. This also suggests the need for a better advertising approach on streaming platforms when it comes to promoting your work. If you’re still new to this game, learn more through our extensive guide on music promotion. 

With user behavior constantly changing and becoming pickier, it requires indie artists to avoid the top 4 mistakes when running Spotify Ads - especially when many Spotify users reported being unhappy with spammy ads. To learn more about Spotify Ad Studio, check out our review on Spotify Ads.

Produce Irrelevant Content

With the number of ads Spotify has been pushing to its users, if the content doesn’t spark interest or entertainment, the user will see it as a spammy ad and skip it - wasting your budget and effort. 

Hence, there is a clear need to create an ad that is both relevant and entertaining to provoke the user’s interest. That also means you don’t want your ad to sound too generic with simply a basic call to action than the song’s snippet - like the rest of millions of artists on the platform are doing.

irrelavent Spotify Ads with wrong targeting

Firstly, you want to target the right audience with Spotify Ads’ fan targeting. You wouldn’t want your hip-hop track to get into a classic musical listener as they would see it as a spammy ad. But if you target the right audience, they will see your ad as valuable. To learn more, check out our article on how to target the right audience.

relevant ads that make users want to watch

Secondly, to stand out, you still need your song’s best hook in the ads but some practices you can experiment with can be trying out an amusing narrative in your opening sentence. However, it’s important for you to still maintain your branding instead of focusing on being funny. If branding sounds unfamiliar to you, learn more through our article on how to build a brand identity. 

Not Having Release Schedule 

We cannot stress enough the importance of a music release schedule in music marketing. The number one thing you want to eliminate from your Spotify promotion effort is inconsistency - especially when you run Spotify Ads. In other words, you need a consistent plan of communication throughout your promotion period on Spotify Ads. 

Imagine a scenario where a user interacts with your Spotify Ads then does a quick check on your social media account then finds out your last post is 6 months ago. Without a proper release schedule, you’re presenting yourself as an inactive artist which is not that appealing for someone that might convert to become your fan. 

This also translates into a wasted opportunity and money when you’re already investing in Spotify Ads. If this concept is still vague for you, read our article on how to prepare for a music release. 

Lack Of Measurement 

Without measuring your Spotify Ads performance, you miss out on a great opportunity to improve your targeting and optimize your budget. As independent artists, most of us don’t have a big budget we can mindlessly spend on social ads. Measurement helps you to make better decisions every time you push out Spotify Ads. 

For instance, you can look back into your Spotify Ads’ performance and measure which fan targeting works better. Once you continuously test out and measure all of your efforts, you can better allocate your budget to the target audiences that resonate with your sounds and are willing to become your fan. 

Rely Only On Spotify Ads 

This point seems odd when you’re reading an article specifically about Spotify Ads - but yes, our point remains the same. The world of social ads is bigger than just Spotify Ads. There are Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. If you put all of your money and effort into one ad format, you’re missing out on reaching a wider audience. 

However, having one account on every social ads platform is extremely difficult to keep track of and measure effectively. Understanding that pain point, at Base For Music, using one simple dashboard, we help you run ads across social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. 

Moreover, we put much effort into making measurement more accessible with our feature - “Fanbase.” To learn more, check out our article on measurement and data reporting. Sign up for your free account today! 

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