Top 4 Social Ads Platform for Music Promotion

Top 4 Social Ads Platform for Music Promotion

It is simple to explain why you should use social ads for your music, despite the controversial claim that it is ineffective or comes out as spammy. However, things change when you choose the right platform for your targeting. This can have a clear result on what you want to achieve. Furthermore, we have an article to help you understand music promotion in 2022. 

Here we review how each platform has different objectives to offer, and how you can easily understand what kind of results you can achieve out of each Social Ads promotion. Before we jump into the review, here’s a breakdown of social ads. 

How social ads work: 

Social Ads simplify the process of promotion by letting artists choose their own budget, campaign time, demographic, locations, interests, past activities, occupations, and more. It is also a very interactive way of marketing, making it one of the most reliable advertising options. 

In technical terms:

All streaming or video platforms analyse the quality of a content by the number of interactions it generates. When the interaction rate is high, platforms consider that the content is attractive for their users and place it in their automatic recommendations to make it discovered by new users.

With the base of millennials and GenZ marking up 68% social media, this promises a diverse and unpredictable trend that can be viral and comes up on top. However, the diversity means every artist who works on promotion gets a share of exposure and different forms of income.

1. YouTube Ads

Youtube Ads is a strong partner when it comes to music and visual promotion. The tool now offers the extension of YouTube Music (in selected countries), however, you don't have to spend any budget on a music video, rather a simple visual to accompany your song and that's good to launch on YouTube and its advertising perks.

What you should know about YouTube ads are its perks on reach, the cost-effectiveness and you can measure the success.

By doing this, you might raise the possibility that the viewers will think your advertisement is pertinent. You can identify specific YouTube pages you want your ads to appear on. Making sure your adverts are seen by the appropriate audience at the appropriate times is considerably simpler when targeting options like these are used.


2. Facebook/ Instagram (Meta)

Facebook Ads and social media advertising levelled the playing field, allowing unsigned artists access to the same advertising tools as signed major label artists.

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, including carousel advertisements, Messenger ads, Stories ads, photo ads, and video ads. All of these may be utilized to raise brand recognition, generate traffic to your website or landing page, communicate with clients more directly, and boost conversion rates. You may choose how much to spend on Facebook advertisements, but in general, the more money you spend, the more Facebook's algorithm will use it to boost ad effectiveness.

What you'll need is your own website and a SmartLink partner like Toneden or Hypedit. Using this approach, when someone clicks on one of your ads, instead of being taken straight to Spotify they are taken to a landing page, which contains buttons.

Any action taken by a user will lead to a future retargeting, meaning your ads and profile will be kept in the cycle of recommendation for the user. Reminding them about your online presence and your work will surely help with your audience having a clear memory to engage with your art, across platforms you have provided.


3. TikTok

In our previous article, we have explored in depth about our TikTok-to-Spotify Promotion Pipeline, about how TikTok is helping hundreds of thousands of artists to launch their careers - by just simply being active on the platform. TIkTok's presence, or even virality, offers artists a kickstarter in fan, streams, to even getting signed by record labels and performing live shows.

TikTok uses its own powerful, hyper-personalized algorithms to constantly shuffle and deliver both content and advertising that is tailored to each user's relevance and activity. 

The ads on the platform tend to not differentiate from the content themselves, blending in with the recommended content - This is why TikTok ads can work really well in terms of blending in and capture attention without being too salesy toward the audience. Since the platform is video content only, this drive interactions will drive the user to streaming platforms to save, add to playlists. 


4. Spotify Ads

The native advertising tools on Spotify helps artists to expand their reach, in consideration of what objectives you want to get out of running campaigns. Spotify makes up the higher ROI (Return of Investment) rate and with other tools like Marquee (which is Pay Per Click). To learn more, we also have an article exploring everything you need to know about Spotify Ads 

With the rise of users’ engagement with your song, Spotify algorithms will pick it as a good signal for them to promote your songs to new or similar users. 

The engagement objective for the user's response to the ads are the user's actions, such as: following the artist’s page, liking the song, or sharing the song. 


And because of the ever-changing landscape of social media, it can be difficult to keep up with the nitty-gritty of ads as an indie musician. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t ever run social media ads. It just means that, if you want to rely on ads to promote your music, you’ll have to commit the time and effort to keep up with the changes. 

Here at Base for Music, we simplify the process of running Social Ads for you. It is important to diversify your reach and help your music get heard across multiple platforms (Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube). As not all advertising platforms are accessible to everyone, our goal is to help independent artists to have access to it without needing to have a big budget and deep knowledge of music marketing.

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