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Types Of Music Releases - What Is The Right Choice For You

type of music releases what is the right choice

Prior to the distribution process, independent musicians need a well-defined plan for their music, including the type of releases they will choose. This decision can be based on the various types of releases available and their impact on the audience. In this article, we will explore each type of music release and recommend which one you should select for your next distribution.

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Types of releases 

There are 4 main types of music releases for your music. Those include single tracks, EP releases, full album releases, and mixtape releases. Each has its own characteristic and is suitable for different purposes. Let’s go through each type of release together! 

Single Releases 


What is a single release 

The single release is a standalone track release, or easy to understand that this is just a single song. Choosing to release a single track gives artists the flexibility to experience different genres or styles of sounds without having the pressure of releasing a whole album with the same theme. 

Who should choose single releases

Single releases can be an effective strategy for independent artists who want to test out their music to the audience or build anticipation between and upcoming albums

For example, releasing a single can give listeners a taste of your creative vision and unique style, while also providing an opportunity to experiment with new sounds and genres.

EPs Releases 

What is an EPs release 

EPs stand short for extended-release. Normally, an EP contains more tracks than a single but not enough to be a full-length album. Approximately around 4 or 5 tracks. This is an ideal choice for artists since it allows you to showcase your music without having to commit to the cost and responsibilities of a full album release 

Who should choose EPs releases 

EPs are a great option for new artists looking to stay relevant and engage their fans. They are also a good choice for artists who want to buy time before releasing a full album. 

This type allows artists to release more than one single without committing to a full album, making them a flexible option for those who want to test the waters before diving in. By releasing an EP, you can showcase their talent and build momentum while keeping their fans engaged and excited about their music.

Full Album Releases 

What is a full album release 

A full album release, also known as a long release, normally contains 9 to 12 tracks. With a full album, independent artists can showcase your creativity and vision in a more well-rounded way. However, it's important to keep in mind that the period of time between album releases should be from 18 months to 2 years. Releasing too many albums in this period can be overwhelming for audiences and artists alike. 

Who should choose the full album release

This type of release is suitable for artists who want to showcase their range, depth, and vision of music which allows you to tell a cohesive musical story that resonates with the audience.

Mixtapes Releases 

Mixtape releases are a collection of songs that are not professionally released like an album. They are a great option for independent artists who want to release new music without the pressure and cost of a full album. Mixtapes can also be used to generate attention from audiences without the need for an expensive marketing campaign. Since they are less formal than an album release, mixtapes provide an opportunity for you to experiment with different genres, collaborate with other artists, and showcase your creativity in a more informal way.

The cost of each type of release 

Distribution services typically separate their fees for single and album releases, and the number of tracks you choose to release will determine the actual cost. It's important to understand that the types of releases you choose, such as EPs, mixtapes, or full albums, will impact the cost. Once your release is distributed, it will appear on streaming platforms with the number and type of track you selected. 

For example: If you plan to release a 4-tracks EP using CDBaby as your distributor, and each track costs $9.9, the total cost for your whole EP is $39.96. 

By carefully considering factors such as creative vision, financial resources, and target audience, independent artists can choose the best type of release for your goals and build successful music careers. Whether it's a single, EP, mixtape, or full album, you can use your creativity and passion to produce music that resonates with the audience and achieves goals.

Understand the difficulties that you have to go through in order to stand out in the competitive music industry. Without a solid promotion plan, your releases may struggle to reach the right audience, ultimately hindering your creative efforts.


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