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Understanding your Spotify Engagement

Understanding your Spotify Engagement

Your surroundings always claim that Spotify Engagement is a key factor in music promotion. However, have you ever wondered what Spotify engagement stands for? What metric can measure it? And how a good Spotify engagement should look like? In this article, we will discuss and dissect this term so you - as an artist, can benefit the most from it.

Spotify engagement can range from 0.05% to 100%, depending on your song’s performance. We divide engagement into unhealthy and healthy ones. Before explaining the terms “healthy” and “unhealthy”, let’s understand why this metric is important. 

Why does Spotify Engagement matter? 

From Spotify’s side:

The process of reaching the audiences’ ears is not a simple practice with a random suggestion. The Spotify Algorithm needs to metric your Spotify Engagement rate to give the right placement for your music and bring a personalized listening experience for its users. 

Put yourself into the Spotify Team; if your music has 0 streams and 0 likes, what data can Spotify use to “consider” your song? How can it promote your song on the right playlist? Therefore, to ensure your song can be allocated to the perfect destination, you must pay attention to your engagement result. To learn more about this term, check out our extensive discussion to trigger the Spotify Algorithm

From the artists’ side:

Among 80 million songs on Spotify, the story is not straightforward like you produce a very good song, the people will search for your music, like it and become your fans. There’s a need from the artists’ side to advocate Spotify Engagement. With a high rate, you can open more doors to expose your music through playlists or Spotify recommendations. Furthermore, engagement also plays a vital role in growing your fanbase. 

How does Spotify metric your engagement? 

Here’re some standard metrics that the Spotify Team uses to track your user engagement. These numbers will link together strictly. The logic flow starts from the listener, your stream, to save and add your song to their playlists. Let’s break down their meanings with your music performance: 

  • Listeners: the number of people on Spotify who played your music. 
  • Streams: the number of times listeners play your songs (more than 30 seconds). 
  • Streams to listeners ratio: the average number of times your listeners play your songs.
  • Saves: the number of times people have saved your songs to their saved library. 
  • Playlist adds: the number of times people added your music to their playlist. 

With your Spotify Artists Dashboard, you can quickly review those numbers and manually calculate your Spotify Engagement with this formula: 

Don’t worry if your rate does not achieve a healthy rate; there are various tips to grow your engagement percentage healthier. Sign-up for our newsletter to get our tips in the following article. 

What does a Spotify unhealthy and healthy engagement look like? 

The unhealthy engagement rate is not fully about a low percentage and vice versa. There are some high numbers that are still seen as unhealthy. The logic is mainly about how the artists plan to expose their music. Some artists decide to use bots or third-party apps to hit 10% engagement rate - which is the ideal number according to experienced music marketers. However, this high percentage doesn’t bring any lasting results. Here are some practices that reflect whether your engagement rate is unhealthy or healthy: 

Unhealthy engagement rate 

Healthy engagement rate

  • Buying or fake streaming and following.
  • Update regularly. 
  • Stay lowkey with a few posts on your account.
  • Optimize your song with playlists from Artist playlists and Spotify playlists).
  • Inconsistent release schedule. 
  • Having a proper plan for your release. 
  • No promotional plan for your release. 
  • Expose your music on multiple playlists. 
  • No pitch or create any playlists. 

To learn more, you can check out our review about Spotify Artists Playlist, Spotify Algorithm playlist and Spotify Artist Profile. 

Your Spotify engagement depends on how you plan to promote your music. For your engagement campaign, you can start with Spotify Ads. This tool will maximize your engagement rate by bringing your music to the right audiences among 261 free listeners. To learn more, read our review about Spotify Ads

Furthermore, Base For Music is also a simple tool to help you improve your healthy engagement by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences. Besides, we can also increase your rate to appear in the broader listener journey. Try our Spotify Engagement to expose your popularity on the Spotify platform. 

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